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AggreBind Press Release – Soil Stabilization AggreBind Waste Encapsulation

New Haven, CT.

AggreBind soil stabilization has a solution for the containment and treatment of contaminated materials. We are able to offer a new, environmentally safe, construction material from hydrofracking waste once the materials are treated with AggreBind. This new, innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly procedure will allow for the treatment and reuse of contaminated soils and mining waste materials.

AggreBind effectively coats each particle with its water-based, traceable, environmentally safe, styrene acrylic cross-linking polymer to seal and bind all materials. After following the application process, which may be found on our website, there was no leaching, separation or softening of the treated samples, making them safe to use for both building and paving.

Recent testing indicates that AggreBind soil stabilization can also be used to seal contaminated materials so that the stabilized soil can be safely disposed of in landfill sites. While encapsulation has traditionally been done with cement, styrene polymers, such as those in AggreBind, have many desirable features that make it even more desirable as encapsulants of hazardous materials. Along with being cost effective and environmentally friendly, AggreBind is a high strength, low permeability alternative that is compatible with difficult and hazardous wastes.

By treating the contaminated waste with AggreBind, you are rendering hazardous materials as nonhazardous, and are ensuring the least amount of endangerment to the environment, flora and fauna, as well as offering the rehabilitation of spaces that were considered brownfields.

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