AggreBind (Soil Stabilizer)

AggreBind soil stabilization, can be seen as a product which is used to bind types different of soil together in order to make construction materials stronger and more durable.  The product is able to combine with soils such as; sub-soils, sands and waste materials which could be traditionally extracted for use on construction sites. AggreBind can be used to; stabilize roads, manufacture bricks and repair potholes.
The product was created over 25 years ago in response to finding an alternative for using cement when constructing roads in developing countries, as cement is expensive and not always readily available. The product was additionally developed for altruistic reasons such as helping to tame dirt on the roads which enhances safety for individuals.

AggreBind Soil Stabilizer
When using AggreBind the particles of soil mass are coated, which compact and compress soil together, so the particles have direct contact with each other. This begins the process of soil stabilization, where polymers are cross linked to form a mass which can withstand high temperature
and is water resistant. The product itself is made from water based environmentally friendly polymers. The product comes in spray form which is mixed with water, then applied to roads and compressed with a roller to ensure stabilization.

The product can be used to stabilize; Airport runways, car and lorry parks, and used for highway pavement construction. AggreBind has a wide range of customers ranging from private buyers to government, to real estate. The mixture itself comes in a number of different colours to mould into the environment in which it is being laid.
AggreBind say that once the product has been applied and it has been allowed to cure, the lifespan is indefinite.
Other than AggreBind, there are a number of different stabilizing methods and other materials which can be used.
* Bitumen – can be used to bind agents to produce roads. But is not environmentally friendly.
* Asphalt – expensive, generally used as a wearing surface and is also not environmentally friendly.
* Lime and cement –widely used but are hard to apply.

What does this mean for construction?
For construction using AggreBind could be beneficial in a number of areas. Often at site often soil can be wet and fine, and when compacted makes a poor support to work upon. The process of soil stabilization with AggreBind can improve on site materials which create a solid base for construction work. Adding AggreBind creates strong foundations to build upon, which could potentially help the lifespan of a building.

An AggreBind stabilized layer is able to hold extremely heavy loads (250mm stabilized layers can hold vehicles up to 100 tonnes).  This could potentially make the construction site safer while building is happening as less logistical support is needed due to carry the materials, therefore less accidents would happen. After construction the roads are safer due to the superior traction. Noise around site is also lowered as there is no need to remove waste materials for tipping into landfill; which in turn saves money and time.
Skills needed
Training is offered by associates of AggreBind (such as technical managers), whereby they will visit other countries to provide classroom and onsite sessions. The training lasts for a week and individuals prepare site and get taught the process of laying AggreBind.
Skills needed for the application of AggreBind to the soil are mainly linked to those who can drive plant machinery. Drivers would be expected to drive equipment which can break up surface and break down soil in order to prepare the track for spraying the AggreBind mixture. Road graders are used to compact, as well as vibration compactor which is driven backwards to finish the road surface. Earth moving and basic road construction skills are needed. Once the skills are learnt to apply and compress the AggreBind it becomes second nature.
When looking at Soil Stabilization in a UK context it is apparent that those interested in this area would need to contact a specialist and sub-contract them out to stabilize the soil. A number of company’s websites it is stated that the individuals who stabilize the soil hold valid Construction
Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) card which shows they have the practical qualifications for this specialism. The majority of companies in the UK are using lime to strengthen the soil. This could show AggreBind are offering something unique; not only the product itself but the week long training scheme to become proficient in applying it.

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Phone call with AggreBind CEO

By Alicia Hammond – Research Assistant

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