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Become a distributor Representative – This starts with the interested company or group submitting a detailed letter “declaring interest” in representing AggreBind (AGB) in a specified territory or country. A brief marketing letter that describes their proposed procedures, methods and plans for introducing AGB is to be attached. If this information is acceptable to AGB then a Non-Disclosure Agreement will need to be prepared and sent to the interested party for signing.

After the Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed, the Rep will receive finished samples and be able to purchase liquid samples. All courier charges will be for the account of the Rep, paid in-advance by wire transfer or Western Union. All necessary technical information and pricing information will be supplied to the Rep for their promotion and selling of AGB.
It is required that the Rep actively promote AGB into the specified country. This requires the Rep to either reside in said country or travel regularly to the country to make sales presentations. AGB requires updates on the Reps progress and activities.
During this Rep Phase AGB remains open to other options for the specified country. It is anticipated that the Rep Phase will not exceed 4 months.

Dealer – This period of Dealer begins when a 20′ container of AGB is ordered. A 20’ container holds ten (10) 1,000 ltr totes, total is 10,000 liters. Approximately 5 totes is required to make a 1Km x 6m trial road. 10 totes is the minimum opening order and this can be allocated for roads and blocks. It is one 20’ container per country to establish a Dealer position.
Upon receipt of the first order to a specific country, all leads and enquiries from that country will be sent to the Dealer for follow-up during the Dealer Phase.

The position of Dealer is an interim position that leads to a Distributorship. This process of Dealer-to-Distributorship should not exceed 4-6 months. If it takes longer than 4-6 months, and there are no extenuating circumstances, we will evaluate other options.
Distributor – AggreBind needs a strong and highly committed Distributor.
The Distributor must:
1. Stock inventory.
2. Have high level contacts and relationships inside the country.
3. Have a relationship with a construction company capable of installing AGB for when a client needs a recommendation.
4. Have the capability to provide clients and dealers with technical support – You can hire an engineer to learn how to install AGB.
5. Have a talented sales staff.

Your engineer will need to be familiar with road construction, soil mechanics, be comfortable working with technicians in a laboratory, be able to instruct equipment operators in the field, ideally speak English for communication with HQ (AggreBind Headquarters), and have strong communication skills.

Depending on the size of the country and the capabilities of the Distributor, there can be one Exclusive Distributor appointed per country or more than one Distributor appointed with defined Regions or States. This is the sole decision of AggreBind.

A combination of 4 containers, 20’ and 40’, needs to be ordered within 6 months to become a Distributor. Annual minimum order volume will be established between the parties based on the market potential for roads, blocks, bricks and pavers in said county.
At the appropriate time a formal Distribution Agreement will be prepared and sent to the pending Distributor. It will include no cross-border trading (the sale or movement of AGB out of the specified territory), and be annually-renewable providing minimum order volumes are met.

Training will be done by an AggreBind staff member or contracted to an independent AggreBind trained engineer. All travel including local expenses are paid by either the Dealer/Distributor or their client. The cost of airfare will be credited against the next order for a full container.


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    Become a distributor for Stabilized Soil and Dust Control with AggreBind

    AggreBind is a unique, environmentally friendly, cross-linking polymer, water based, styrene acrylic polymer with proprietary tracers. AggreBind used for stabilized soil and dust control and is available in a wide range of colors to produce roads from in-situ materials and for the manufacturing of blocks, bricks and pavers, for buildings and homes without using any cement.

    Stabilized soil with AggreBind is not harmful to the environment. AggreBind stabilized soil is obtained through the process of ‘AggreBinding’  which is coating the particulates of the mass, compacting them (roads) or compressing them (blocks) together so that the coated particulates come in direct contact with each other. This begins the process known as ‘cross-linking polymers’ where the mass solidifies, blocks together, and forms a hydrophobic mass that is water-resistant, has great tensile strength and can withstand major variations in temperature, perfect to be used as a soil stabilizer and dust control.

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