Guarantee and Product Verification

AggreBind Inc.
  5 Year Product Replacement Guarantee

AggreBind Inc. hereinafter referred to as the Manufacturer, do hereby undertake to supply free of charge any of the acrylic polymer products that is proven to have chemically failed in the first 5 years after installation, subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The product must be stored in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions, which includes being rolled or stirred and not being subjected to freezing prior to the installation or exposed to excessive temperatures (40°C+), or being applied where temperatures below zero will occur within a 24-hour period after installation.
  2. The product must be installed within 12 calendar months of being supplied.
  3. The suitability of the product application/installation shall be in accordance with an independent qualified engineering specification and quality assessed on-site test program approved by the Manufacturer.
  4. The materials or surfaces to be applied shall be free of any contaminates either embedded or on the surface, or incompatible minerals or physical state (e.g. radiation) unless these have the prior written approval of the Manufacturer.
  5. The product shall not be diluted with any contaminated water without the prior written approval of the Manufacturer.
  6. No other additives of any nature shall be added to the product.
  7. The product shall not be deemed to have failed if the treated layer or surface is subjected to penetration or exposure to or by corrosive or other deleterious chemicals or environments to acrylic polymers.
  8. The product shall not be deemed to have failed if it is not installed in accordance with the engineering specification and the Manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. The Manufacturer will not be liable where products are exposed to Ultra Violet values of above 60 Kilo Langleys. (Specific product formulations may exceed this value for which the Manufacturer may at their discretion increase the UV value for individual products/projects/application.)
  10. The Manufacturer will not be liable, in any way, for the work (labor charge) carried out by the Contractor installing or applying the product.
  11. The Manufacturer will not be responsible for any product damaged in transit from the warehouse to the client.
  12. The product will not be deemed to have failed if subjected to flooding, earthquakes, typhoons mining subsidence, fire, war or any other event that can be defined as an act of God.
  13. The product is manufactured to ISO9001 standards and is subject to verified batch sampling, prior to dispatch, to ensure that the product supplied is of good quality and fit for purpose.
  14. Where applicable to the product the soil or surfaces shall have been laboratory tested and analyzed for composition and make up and test soil or surface samples produced and tested to ensure a ‘control’ is established for subsequent on-site validation checks executed by the engineer.
  15. An independent qualified engineer, acceptable to both parties, shall provide certification that all design specifications, soil and surface analysis, laboratory tests and field site-quality assurance tests have been complied with and that a full and detailed documentation audit trail of quality assurance exists from receipt of product through to installation.
  16. This guarantee excludes “wear, tear, abrasion and penetration” of product or excessive pressure over and above the product specification caused by usage or incorrect product selection and/or application suitability.
  17. The Manufacturer accepts no liability for any direct or indirect consequential or sub-sequential claims of any kind and this guarantee is strictly limited to the free replacement of product at our works in either the UK, US or other production facility of our choosing.
  18. This guarantee becomes effective on acceptance of the product by the purchaser and that the specifications and requirements of this guarantee have been agreed to, and complied with.
  19. For this guarantee to be applicable a Pre-Installation Evaluation Form must be completed, submitted and accepted in writing by AggreBind Inc.  The Pre-Installation Form can be found on or requested directly from AggreBind Inc.

For questions please contact:

AggreBind Inc., a company registered in the United States
New Haven, Connecticut 06511, USA
Tel. +1-203-785-1808 ◊ Email

Product Verification and Authentication

To whom it may concern:

AggreBind is a proprietary formulation of unique cross-linking styrene acrylic polymers. It is produced and sold by AggreBind Inc. The AggreBind product is placed in sealed drums and totes for shipment. All product is under our direct supervision until it is shipped.

AggreBind is produced in batch lots of 20,000 – 40,000 liters.

Each batch has a distinct:

  • Batch Number
  • Production Date
  • Batch Sample taken and retained at factory

AggreBind in liquid form

  • Immediately upon receipt of product, should you have any doubts whatsoever about the authenticity of AggreBind contact us for Product Verification and Authentication.
  • You need to provide all markings found on the drum(s) and/or tote(s) and advise if you received the product in a sealed or an unsealed drum or tote.
  • We may ask you to send us a liquid sample of the product for testing against the Batch Sample of the AggreBind retained at the factory. The submitted sample and the retained sample will be compared for chemical composition and then submitted to an Independent Laboratory for Product Verification and Authentication.

AggreBind installed

  • AggreBind is made with a unique and proprietary “tracer”. This tracer enables us, using an Independent Laboratory, to verify if the product in the ground is AggreBind. This test can be performed at anytime as the tracer does not deteriorate over time.
  • We can also determine if the quantity in the ground, extrapolated to #ltrs per m3, is the correct quantity for said application and conforms to the AggreBind issued Protocol for said job or project.

Contact AggreBind

  • AggreBind Inc., New Haven, Connecticut, USA
    Tel: +1 203 785 1808, email:
  • AggreBind Inc. (UK), Barton Blount, Church Broughton, Derbyshire, UK
    Tel: +44 1285 585177, email:
Rob Friedman
Robert D. Friedman President
AggreBind Inc.

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