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Soil Stabilization with AggreBind, ideal for projects such as soil stabilized roads. AggreBind soil stabilizer is a unique, environmentally friendly, cross-linked polymer, water based, styrene acrylic polymer with proprietary tracers. AggreBind is used extensively as a soil stabilizer and is available in a wide range of colors to produce roads from in-situ materials and for the manufacturing of blocks, bricks and pavers, for buildings and homes without using any cement.

The process of soil stabilization with AggreBind soil stabilizer is coating the particulates of the mass, compacting them (roads) or compressing them (blocks) together so that the coated particulates come in direct contact with each other. This begins the process known as ‘cross-linking polymers ‘ where the mass solidifies, blocks together, and forms a hydrophobic mass that is water-resistant, has great tensile strength and can withstand major variations in temperature, perfect to be used as a soil stabilization and dust control.

AggreBind Soil Stabilization is the answer to what is needed on a global scale. The world desperately needs new, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly solutions for road construction and road maintenance.
Cost evaluations indicate that AggreBind soil stabilization can produce savings of 40% to 60% over conventional road construction. AggreBind remains traceable after installation and this provides excellent quality controls.
There is growing concern about the cost and sustainability of current road construction, material availability, and road maintenance.

We must learn to make better use of available on-site materials and waste materials wherever possible. This will be a major factor in producing soil stabilized viable, sustainable, cost effective and affordable local roads and major highways.
Rural roads can basically be installed with soil stabilization AggreBind mixed with water (even sea water can be used) and applied with a spray tanker or farm spraying equipment. This soil stabilizing mixture is then mixed into the soil, graded and compacted with a vibration compactor. To complete the soil stabilization the surface is then sealed with AggreBind to reduce water ingress and erosion, which is the cause of most road failures.

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