Información general – Control de Polvo

Información general – Control de Polvo

Dust control is needed for airborne dust which is responsible for spreading infections to plants, animals and humans. It reduces crop yields, blocks water supply and drainage channels, increases maintenance costs on farm equipment, and the cost of getting product to market. Add to this the effects on the health of farm workers and their families, the increasing dangers to vehicle drivers and pedestrians, and effectively controlling dust is essential. Controlling dust will significantly improve the health of all farm workers and their animals.

AggreBind is a water based, cross linking, styrene acrylic environmentally friendly polymer that provides a range of solutions for all dust and erosion problems.

AggreBind Soil stabilizing basically binds fine soils/sand particles together, increasing their load bearing capabilities, to form a structural base for both heavy duty roads ,farm tracks and farm buildings. The surface is then sealed with AggreBind to control any surface dust and to reduce moisture ingress.

Water supply and drainage channels can also be sealed with AggreBind to reduce erosion and the loss of valuable water supplies.

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Soil stabilizing reduces the loss of soil in the rainy season and reduces the transmission of soil into rivers and dams.

Controlling dust and erosion will significantly increase crop yields, reduce operational costs and improve the health of farm workers and the local community, dust control is essential.

AggreBind is harmless to humans, animals and the environment and AggreBind treated soil can be used again for growing crops.
AggreBind can also be used to provide a sealed surface for all construction products including concrete and timber.

Soil Stabilization and dust control is also effective for mining and waste dumps as this significantly reduces the transmission of chemicals onto surrounding areas and streams.

AggreBind is highly resistant to u/v damage and remains fully traceable after installation. If necessary in areas where clean water is in short supply AggreBind can be diluted with sea water.

Soil stabilization and Dust Control is problematic worldwide.

AggreBind turning on-site soils into solid, soil stabilized, dust free, healthier, safer roads. Aggrebind is a water based environmentally safe polymer that binds all soils, including sand, into structurally sound, soil stabilized, dust free sealed roads with standard road markings.

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Soil stabilization is the core function of Aggrebind, this road needs AggreBind.

control de polvo

Transform dirt roads with AggreBind

control de polvo

Soil stabilization is needed and will stop wash aways like this.

Protocol for compacted non-stabilised road base layers.

Dust control/ Surface sealing:

  • Test to ensure that the layer is structurally sound.
  • Ensure that the surface is clean and free from oil/ dust or other spillages.
  • Do a patch test first to ensure that the Aggrebind is adhering to the base layer.
  • Spray with a mixture of 1 part AGB mixed with 2 parts water per 3 sq mtrs of surface area.
  • Open the surface to traffic when it is dry.

Alternative for Unstable Base layers:

  • Rip/crush the layer to a depth of 10/12 cm.
  • Remove any stone larger than 2 cm.
  • Spray a mixture of 1 part AGB mixed with 4 parts water until OMC is attained.
  • Mix and profile the surface.
  • Compact
  • Surface seal

Alternative for non-stabilised base layers where a wearing surface is to be added.

  • Ensure that the layer is structurally sound and the surface is clean and free from oil/dust or other spillages.
  • Carry out a small patch test first by sealing the surface with 1 part AGB mixed with 2 parts water. When this is dry  apply the Asphalt and check the adhesion.

Stabilised roads and dust control will:

  • Improve productivity:
  • Reduce operational costs: Reduce vehicle maintenance costs:
  • Provide additional health benefits to workers:
  • Provide opportunities for implementing  local community development projects
control de polvo
  • AggreBind  can also be used to secure fence posts and for the manufacture of bricks, blocks, pavers , road edging stones, and road marking.
  • AggreBind is environmentally friendly and is not harmful to any plants or animals.
  • AggreBind is available in a wide range of different colors.

Dust Control and erosion surface treatment for structurally sound roads.

  • Dust is a health hazard to humans and animals. Dust control is needed
  • Dust significantly reduces crop yields. Dust control is needed
  • Dust increases maintenance costs on all types of vehicles and machinery.
  • Dust increases the risks of accidents. Dust control is needed

AggreBind Soil Stabilizing Solution:

  • Spray the surface first with 1 ltr of water per sq mtr of surface area.
  • Spray the surface again with a mixture of 0.5ltr Aggrebind mixed with 1 ltr water.
  • Compact the surface with a smooth drum road roller with no vibration.
  • Open to traffic after 1 hour.
  • This will produce a 50mm durable, load bearing, dust free, surface layer.

Site test should be performed as conditions vary from country to country and location to location and can affect depth of saturation.

Turning the world’s ‘rivers of ruin’ and ‘dusts of despair’ into ‘Homes & Highways of Hope’ with AggreBind, Soil Stabilization and Dust control technology.

Road Repair services and soil stabilization can be implemented by the local population with simple hand tools and ‘pedal power’ transportation. This offers employment opportunities and reduces road maintenance costs.

AggreBind soil stabilization

Can also make bricks from on-site soils. Soil stabilization(stabilisation) is the core function of Aggrebind, it is referred to as ‘green soil stabilization because of its unique environmentally friendly properties. AggreBind is a soil binder comprising cross-linking polymers that are extremely effective when stabilizing soil. Soil stabilization can be implemented on, dirt roads, gravel roads, rural roads, haulage roads and dust control and so much more

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