Check List for Installation of AggreBind

  1. Has AGB arrived and cleared customs?
    1. Where is it stored?
  2. Are there any site drawings?
    1. Where are they?
    2. Who prepared them?
  3. Have all necessary work & site permits been completed?
    1. Who has the documentation?
  4. Is Municipal or Government certification required prior to the work?
    1. Has this been completed?
    2. Who has the documentation?
  5. Will there be a survey team on site for profiling of the site?
    1. Will the road be slightly raised, such as an asphalt carpet, or at ground level?

i.     When raised water runs of more rapidly.

ii.     Dirt and sand getting on the finished road is minimized.

iii.     Are there any special drainage requirements.

  1. Does the Contractor have any soil stabilizing experience?
    1. Has he been instructed on how to use and apply AGB?
  2. When will AGB be at the site?
    1. Is there security and storage?
  3. What equipment is available?  Describe and send pictures.
    1. When will the equipment be at site?
  4. Is water readily available for dilution/mixing?
  5. Any history of seismic activity in the site area.
  6. What is the maximum weight of vehicles using the road?
  7. Is a soil analysis available?
  8. Weather conditions at the site area.
    1. Humidity?
    2. Freezing?
    3. Seasonal flooding?
  9. Are there any overhanging trees with roots below the soil to be stabilized?
  10. Are there any service mains, cables, drains, etc. below the area to be stabilized?
  11. Who will be acting for the client during the stabilizing process?
  12. Are there any public holidays during the installation period?
  13. Will the crew work on the weekends?
  14. Has the site been prepared for stabilization?
    1. What site preparation has been done?
    2. What needs to be done?
  15. Will the stabilized layer be tested after the work has been completed?
    1. 1 week
    2. 4 weeks

¿Cuánto AggreBind necesito?

Descarga la hoja de trabajo Quantity Calculator (hoja de Excel) o la Quantity Calculator with feet to metric (hoja de Excel) para calcular la cantidad de AggreBind necesaria.

Carretera Base
longitud ___mt x ancho ___mt x profundidad ___ mm = _X_ m3
_X_ m3 x _n_ ltr/m3 = ___ ltrs (Total de litros para Carretera Base)
(n puede ser 3 o 4 ltrs/ m3 , dependiendo de las condiciones
que es 3 o 4 partes de agua por 1 parte de  Aggrebind©)

Topseal / capa superficial
longitud ___mt x ancho ___mt = _Y_ m2
_Y_ m2 x 0.25ltr = ___ ltrs (Total de litros paraTopseal)
Basado en 0.25 litros de  Aggrebind© y 0.75 litros de agua por m2

Total de litros para Carretera Base y Topseal
Carretera Base ___ ltrs + Topseal ___ ltrs = _Z_ ltrs (Total de arriba)

¿Cuántos tambores?
1 tambor = 205ltrs
_Z_ ltrs / 205ltrs = ___ tambores

Nota de envío:
1 tambor = 205 litros / 4 tambores para una palet
40 tambores para un contenedor de 20’
80 tambores para un contenedor de 40’

1 totalizador = 1,000 litros / 1 totalizador para una palet
10 totalizadores para un contenedor de 20’
20 totalizadores para un contenedor de 40’