AggreBind Color

AggreBind color soil stabilizer is a water based, environmentally friendly product, that turns soil into a construction material for the manufacture of hand pressed bricks, and soil compacted roads. AggreBind is available in a wide range of colors, providing the home builder with unlimited  design options.

AggreBind Colors for Dust Treatment and Erosion ControlCommunities can finally participate together to provide, homes, clinics, schools, shops, factories, roads and recreational areas for sport etc with AggreBind color.

Training, basic business plans, finance and technical support, would be required to ensure that the projects complied with local regulations. Organizations like the ASISA (Association for Savings and Investments) could offer assistance with establishing credible financial structures.

Self income generating co-operatives could be established from within the community to handle the purchase of product and the leasing of equipment.

This would bind the communities to work together to create a better future for them, and their children.

AggreBind soil samples in black

AggreBind soil stabilization color black

Affordable housing, manufactured on-site from locally available soil can include exciting cultural design options.

With AggreBind color soil stabilized Bricks and Roofing tiles can all be manufactured in any color and this provides endless opportunities to the home builder.

Using AggreBind instead of cement/concrete saves money!

AggreBind is committed to creating financially viable, environmentally friendly solutions, related to current manufacturing processes, and products, used in the construction industry.

AggreBind color samples
AggreBind color soil stabilization

For century’s creativity, art, and cultural, has been an important part of life. Why is it not being considered for inclusion in the designs for new self-built community housing?

“Earth as a building material is available everywhere and exists in many different compositions. It is most efficiently used in developing and developed countries to house the greatest number of people with the least demand. Masonry is one of the most popular materials in many countries for construction of houses due to its useful properties such as durability, relatively low cost, wider availability, good sound and heat insulation, acceptable fire resistance, adequate resistance to weathering and attractive appearance” (Jayasinghe and Mallawarachchi, 2009).

“Recently, the technology of traditional earth construction has undergone considerable developments that have enhanced earth’s durability and quality as a construction material for low-cost buildings” (Adam and Agib, 2001).
AggreBind soil stabilized color houses

With AggreBind color you can produce earthen (rammed earth) blocks for the 21st century. Blocks that are strong, safe, available on site, stylish, contemporary and affordable. Saving greater than 50% in Africa, 38% in India and equally significant savings elsewhere.

Color my world with Aggrebind –
With the addition of proprietary colorants you can create vibrant walkways, blocks and structures.
Your limit is your imagination.

AggreBind colors brick samples

AggreBind soil stabilizer using different soils for natural color

AggreBind stabilized soil neutral colour
AggreBind stabilized soil neutral colour

AggreBind Blue Block paver sample

AggreBInd stabilized soil blue sample
  • This sample is 100% desert sand, light in color.
  • The AggreBind Color completely permeates the paver.
  • An AggreBind blue top seal was applied, to seal and give higher color density.
  • Note: Factory supplied AggreBind Color has color density to top seal and tone naturally light soils.  For darker soils, red soils and highly absorbent soils more colorant is typically required.  Site testing for color density is highly recommended.

With AggreBind color soil stabilization there is a solution for providing modern, individually designed, economically viable, environmentally friendly homes, produced by local communities, from on-site soils and waste materials.

Step into the exciting new world of Community Development.
AggreBind color soil stabilization leads the way for families to secure a happier, healthier future!

With AggreBind’s color soil stabilizing technology you can produce water-resistant and colored construction blocks from almost any in situ materials.

Decorative Surfaces

AggreBind Bonds a wide variety of materials to virtually any surface
Available in clear and a wide range of other colors to provide additional design options
Improves the load bearing capabilities of virtually all soils, sands and small aggregates for use in a wide
Applications include:

  • Re-surfacing of existing driveways and pathways. Decorative and architectural features.
  • Exterior and interior wall treatments.
  • Surface sealing.
  • Manufacture of load bearing bricks and pavers. Stabilizing of pathways and roads.
  • Lining of ponds and Golf Course Bunkers.


Clean the surface of the concrete to remove any oil/grease etc.
Seal the surface with a mixture of 1 part AGB-WT (clear) mixed with 3 parts water.
Mark out the design shapes required on the floor with chalk.
Mix 3 parts of 1mm sand with 1 part 0.063 fine sand or dried crushed clay.
Mix 1 part AGB with 3 parts water and add the fine sand/clay until it is a loose mixture that can be applied with a large brush to a depth of +-3 to 5mm
Smooth the surface with a plastering trowel/float.
Protect the surface from rain for 4 hours.
Do not use the area until the surface is dry.
Provide local communities and children the opportunity of participating in the design process.

Decorative solutions for the sealing and re-surfacing of existing Driveways and Pathways.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.19.51 PM

Decorative brick

Environmentally friendly, water based, textured, decorative, durable surface treatments

AggreBind soil stabilization

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