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Are you seeking ways to elevate your project’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, or environmental sustainability? AggreBind is a common sense, yet revolutionary solution designed to transform projects like yours. Whether it’s about enhancing durability, reducing costs, or adopting eco-friendly alternatives, our global team is here to assist. Reach out for a quotation and discover how AggreBind can optimize your project. Our local Dealers or Suppliers stand ready to offer expert advice, ensuring your project benefits from the best solutions AggreBind has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much faster can an AggreBind road be constructed than a conventional road?

Two kms of AggreBind road can be implemented by an experienced crew in less than 5 days.

How much more road can be constructed than a conventional road for the same cost?

3 to 5 times more road based on an overview of all cost factors.

How long will AggreBind last?

Indefinite, AggreBind is long-lasting.

Can AggreBind go back to a liquid state after curing?

No, it is physically and chemically irreversible.

Will an AggreBind stabilized road base last as long as a traditional road base?

Yes, providing a suitable wearing surface is applied. For a natural finish AggreBind’s HiPower Seal maybe applied as the wearing surface. For a conventional road look, a thin application of chip seal or asphalt can be used.

What environmental impact does AggreBind have?

No negative environmental impact. Can be crushed and placed in fields to aerate soil. Composition is non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-leaching.

Is AggreBind Impermeable?

AggreBind is water-resistant and hydrophobic when installed correctly.

What period of time does it take for AggreBind to reach maximum strength?

AggreBind continues to strengthen up to 28 days to reach its maximum strength, after implementation.

Does AggreBind work with all types of soils?

AggreBind works with both cohesive and non cohesive soils.

Is plasticity a problem with soils when working with AggreBind?

No. It is ideal for AggreBind to have maximum plasticity index of 15.

Is leaching a problem with AggreBind?

No. AggreBind’s water resistant and hydrophobic properties prevent leaching.

Use of additional materials?

It is not necessary to use any additional materials or introduce aggregates such as cement, clay, etc. into the AggreBind road base,

What type and condition of water can be use with AggreBind products?

Water is the delivery method for AggreBind and to insure correct flow. AggreBind products can be implemented with local existing water, river water, brackish water, fresh and salt water.

What CBR Improvement can AggreBind to achieve?

Independent reporting consistently communicates an increase to the wait bearing capacity by 400% to 600% as measured by the CBR (California Bearing Ratio).

How much time is required until an AggreBind road can be opened for use?

Time for opening the road after finishing an AggreBind installation:

  • RoadMaster Road: 2 hours for opening the road to transit or until the surface is dry to the touch.
  • AggreDust Control: 1 hour for opening the road for transit.
Does an AggreBind road provide a flexible structural layer?

AggreBind’s patented long-string cross-linking matrix can provide a modicum of flex.

Does AggreBind need ASTM International and AASHTO standards?

Tested to ASTM D1883-99 CBR, ASTM D4429-09a-CBR in place, ASTM D6951M, ASTM D6913/D6913M, ASTM D2166-06, and AASHTO T-180-10, AASHTO T-193-99.

Is AggreBind Non-flammable?

AggreBind is non-flammable.

Is AggreBind Volatile?

No. AggreBind is not volatile.

What equipment is required to build a road with AggreBind?

It can be installed using standard road construction equipment or farm machinery. Typical equipment used is a motor-grader, water truck with spray bar hoses and pumps, and a 10+ ton vibratory compactor (ideally dual drum).