AggreBind Soil Stabilization and Dust Control, Ideal for stabilizing soil roads, houses, blocks, bricks and pavers.

AggreBind Soil stabilization, Dust Control, Soil Stabilized bricks, Asphalt repairs and recycling, stabilizing soil, Pothole repairs, Dust Controller, stabilized soil, soil stabilizer and so much more… environmentally friendly.

  • AggreBind Soil Stabilization

AggreBind soil stabilizer for soil stabilization and dust control is a unique, patented, water based, cost effective, environmentally friendly, cross linking copolymer that provide excellent quality controls for specifying authorities and contractors for stabilizing soil.

AggreBind soil stabilizer primarily uses all on-site materials including sub-soils, sands, mining waste and crushed construction waste to provide stable, dust free local roads for complete dust control and soil stabilization, soil stabilized base layers for major highways and stabilized soil bricks/blocks for local housing.

AggreBind Soil Stabilization

AggreBind soil stabilizer is totally unique as it can be diluted with both sea water and fresh water with no loss in performance or strength for stabilizing soil.

Recent testing indicates that AggreBind soil stabilization can also be used to seal contaminated materials so that the stabilized soil can be safely disposed of in landfill sites.

For developing countries AggreBind’s vision is to turn ‘rivers of ruin’ and ‘dusts of despair’ into ‘homes and highways of hope’ through soil stabilizing and stabilized soil applications.

Dust control for environment safetyDust control and stabilizing soil in rural areas, mining companies and farming communities, improves the health of all workers and their families, increases crop yields and provides safer roads and stabilizing soil projects uplifts community development.

Soil stabilizing with AggreBind also provides excellent business and work opportunities for developing countries through an environmentally friendly application of soil stabilization. Dust Control, stabilizing soil and soil stabilization significantly reduces the loss of valuable topsoil in rivers and storage dams.

Soil stabilizer for roadsSoil stabilization is achieved by significantly improving the load bearing capabilities, and tensile strength, of all materials treated. Each particle is soil stabilized when coated with AggreBind that then cross-link with the unique cross-linking polymers during the compaction process to form a semi-rigid, flexible, load bearing, water resistant layer.

Using AggreBind for soil stabilization or stabilizing soil base layers in road construction can reduce the cost of road construction by 40 to 60%.

AggreBind is also available in various soil stabilization colors to provide more design options for builders and developers.

AggreBind Environmentally Friendly

AggreBind soil stabilizer is totally and completely environmentally friendly and all stabilized soils and treated can at some future date be crushed and re-used for crop/food production with no adverse effect whatsoever on the environment.

Soil stabilization has now ‘come of age’ and can be used and tested in line with all other construction materials.

Recent soil stabilization testing also indicates that AggreBind can be used to re-cycle asphalt, use in-situ materials, perfect for pothole repairs, reducing costs and installation time.

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