AggreBind: The Smarter Choice for Soil Stabilization, Dust Control and Building Materials

AggreBind: The Smarter Choice for Soil Stabilization, Dust Control and Building Materials

Patented Soil Stabilization Technology for the Renewables, Construction, Mining, Agriculture and Land Development Industry

Welcome To The World Of AggreBind

Here you will find answers to the challenges you face in road construction and repair, dust control and avoidance of erosion, production of building materials from onsite elements (whether soil, sand or construction/mining waste), and much more. All based on the superior soil stabilization achieved by our advanced (patented) cross-linking polymer breakthroughs.

Whether you are a local Municipality or State/Federal agency, a Private Company or Public Corporation, or a Contractor that serves the local community or major corporate clients, you’re dealing with constraints on production timing, budget challenges or worksites where conventional methods are impractical. Traditional materials can be problematic in supply or transport: AggreBind will equip you with solutions that save money, time, and project challenges.


In a world grappling with the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, AggreBind stands tall as a beacon of innovation and progress. Our patented technology offers change and alternative to conventional methods, providing a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution for road building, construction, the mining and oil industries and the renewables sector. At AggreBind, we are driven by a deep commitment to bringing about positive change. We believe that construction and mining have a critical role to play in the global effort to achieve sustainability. Our technology is designed to empower industries to reduce their environmental impact, while also enhancing performance and reducing costs. With over two decades implementing road builds, road repairs, dust solutions and building materials globally, AggreBind is the innovator in soil stabilisation technology.

What is AggreBind

AggreBind’s unique and patent protected technology is an environmentally friendly, long-string, cross-linking, copolymer used for soil stabilization, new roads, existing roads and road repair, airstrips, dust mitigation and control, slope and soil erosion.
AggreBind is a sustainable, strong, water-resistant and low-cost choice for large and small construction projects.

AggreBind’s Core Products

Circularity: Leaving the World in a Better Place

AggreBind’s patented and proprietary technology covers the use of waste and recycled material as well as the encapsulation of hazardous materials. Pulverised hard plastics, tyres, building waste, contaminated soils including oil, slag, mining wastes and more can be included in our construction and road building projects ensuring circularity in our projects.

We build roads in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods, using less equipment and minimising our footprint through dust control and reduced impact to surrounding residential and agricultural lands.

Want to understand how AggreBind can make your construction project a sustainable one? Contact us and we would be glad to share testing data and case studies to show you how to save time and money on your next project, and make a difference to the planet.

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AggreBind The Smarter Choice

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