Water Resistant Technology
for Stronger Roads

Water Resistant Technology for Stronger Roads

AggreBind Solutions: Roads Build to Last

The Cost of Potholes is More Than Just a Bumpy Ride

Potholes represent a significant financial burden for governments and roads departments. The consistent battle to maintain safe and reliable transportation infrastructure, is a cycle of reactive repairs, safety concerns, and negative public perception. The direct costs from pothole remediation can extend beyond pothole patching and road repaving. The hidden costs include:

Workman repairing potholes

Traffic Disruptions

Repairing potholes can lead to lane closures and traffic congestion, impacting traffic flow and increasing driver frustrations, fuel consumption, higher emissions and smog.

Car tire rolling into pothole

Vehicle Damage

Potholes can damage tires, wheels, and suspension, and are a significant cause of car insurance claims resulting in costly repairs for drivers and increased insurance premiums.

Car accident from pothole

Traffic Accidents

Drivers frequently swerve to avoid potholes and risk loss of control, increased risk of accidents and potential injuries to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

AggreBind’s soil stabilization technology is water resistant, preventing water infiltration
and minimizing the effect of water and weather on the road structure, which causes pothole formation.

AggreBind Strengthens Roads from Within, Breaking the Pothole Cycle

Road construction and maintenance accepts a reactive cycle of repairing potholes. AggreBind presents a proactive solution by addressing the root cause of pothole formation: water ingress, breaking the pothole cycle and strengthening roads from within Long-String Cross-Linking Technology: AggreBind’s patented technology creates a strong, web-like network that binds the soil particles together, forming a strong and durable foundation.

Water Resistance: The long-string cross-linking molecules in AggreBind possess water-resistant properties and, by creating a more tightly bound and less porous structure, AggreBind is able to significantly reduce the ability of water to infiltrate the road base.

Reduced Cracking and Breakage: By disrupting water ingress, the use of AggreBind for roads can minimise road deterioration, formation of cracks due to traffic load and movement of the subgrade.

AggreBind roads are more durable and reduce the formation of potholes, minimizing the need for frequent pothole repairs and extending the overall lifespan of the road infrastructure.

What Causes Potholes

Potholes are formed by water damage, with water infiltration weakening the road structure and the subgrade’s ability to support the weight of traffic, leading to softening of the road base and washout of the soil.

In colder climates, water trapped within the sub-soil can freeze and expand, putting immense upward pressure on road surface causing it to crack and compromising the road structure. When the ice thaws, it leaves a void that allows more water to infiltrate, and accelerate the deterioration of the subgrade.

As traffic moves over a weakened area, the pavement collapses, creating a pothole.

How Pothole Forms

While potholes can form on any type of road surface,
they’re more prevalent on concrete and asphalt roads.

Road damaged by water ingress

Porous Roads

Concrete and asphalt roads have inherent porosity and become more porous over time with tiny cracks and imperfections developing, allowing rain water to infiltrate and seep into the road structure and weakening the road base.

Cracked concrete road

Concrete Roads

The rigid nature of concrete makes it more prone to cracking with the cracks acting as a direct pathway for water to infiltrate the sub-base. An Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) causes internal expansion and contributes to pothole formation.

Water damaged asphalt

Asphalt Roads

Asphalt naturally oxidizes over time and becomes brittle and susceptible to cracking, allowing water to penetrate and weaken the foundations. Heavy traffic combined with a compromised subgrade increases pothole formation.

By preventing the formation of potholes, AggreBind reduces maintenance cycles and presents
significant cost savings in road maintenance, and for its users.

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