A sustainable future for the
Steel Industry and Hard-To-Abate Sector

A sustainable future for the Steel Industry and Hard-To-Abate Sector

Repurposing Waste and Wastewater
Trash into Community Infrastructure Treasure

Navigating a Sustainable Future for the Steel Industry with AggreBind

The steel industry plays a vital role in global infrastructure and development. Navigating a path to a more sustainable future, however, presents significant challenges, balancing environmental regulations, social expectations, and the need for continued competitiveness. This hard-to-abate sector requires innovative solutions that deliver immediate and impactful results.

AggreBind technology provides practical and effective solutions toward the Sustainable Development Goals. AggreBind products are uniquely designed to enable the steel industry to address its carbon and sustainability pressures and specific challenges in waste management, wastewater stewardship and community engagement, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future for the industry and its surrounding communities.

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Industry Wastewater Runoff<br />

Responsible Management of Wastewater

AggreBind’s patented technology can safely harness wastewater via its encapsulation properties and repurpose it effectively in the construction of roads, car parks, and other essential infrastructure, revolutionizing wastewater stewardship within the steel industry. This unique approach to responsible water management reduces the reliance on freshwater resources and minimizes dumping. With AggreBind solutions, steel producers contribute to long-term environmental sustainability, demonstrating their commitment to responsible practices and contribution to community.

Slag waste used in car park RoadMaster project

Repurposing Waste and Slag

The steel industry generates vast amounts of waste materials including slag, creating environmental and logistical challenges. The industry can embrace the circular economy with AggreBind’s patented technology and encapsulation properties, transforming waste materials into valuable resources. Slag and other industrial byproducts, even dangerous heavy metals can be used safely without leaching, minimizing the need for stockpiling. By combining waste with in-situ materials and AggreBind, the steel industry can create roads, car parks, storage lots, and more. Reducing waste and reducing their carbon footprint, AggreBind offers tangible solutions for sustainable change in this hard-to-abate sector.

Mining Evaporation and Tailing Ponds

Evaporation and Tailing Ponds

Steel begins with the mining of ore. Evaporation ponds and tailing ponds within the steel industry present challenges in water management, environmental safety, and community health. AggreBind’s water resistant/hydrophobic technology can be used to create highly stable, solid and durable evaporation ponds, stabilizing the base, embankments and culverts. The AggreBind solution effectively contains wastewater, preventing infiltration to underlying soils, reducing water loss, ground pollution, and preventing seepage. AggreBind contributes to responsible containment practices that safeguard the environment and well-being of those living nearby.

AggreBind solutions empower steel producers to drive industry change,
contribute to the circular economy and achieve sustainability goals.

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