AggreBind Project: AggreCoat Silver in Schools

Published Date March 24, 2022

Stair hand rail AggreCoat Silver making education safer!

As educational institutions the world over begin the return to classrooms, students and faculty safety, health, and hygiene have become the key drivers for Institutions, Educators, students, and parents!

CMI (College of the Marshall Islands) is leaving nothing to chance and has applied AggreCoat Silver on all “high-touch” surfaces throughout the campus.  Based on the independent laboratory testing, AggreCoat Silver treated surfaces, powered by Biomaster ionic silver antimicrobial technology, has been verified and proven to be highly effective in eliminating microbes, bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 and its variants.   CMI and its community are indeed in very safe hands!

AggreCoat Silver is the ideal surface solution for surfaces where safety & hygiene are important!   AggreCoat Silver is a unique, long-lasting, clear, hard, surface coating that stops microbial growth and reduces the spread of COVID viruses!

 Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial efficacy:  >99%                                                       

 Anti-COVID efficacy:  >95.8%

 Ideal for areas and regions that are less vaccinated or have higher exposure!

Safely and easily applied!

Long lasting!


AggreCoat Silver:  a true, “Feel good, Do good!” innovation!