AggreBind’s Engineer in KSA

Published Date January 18, 2024

Ala'a in KSA The construction industry is changing rapidly, and engineers like Ala’a are playing a crucial role in bringing innovation and sustainability to the forefront. As an engineer for AggreBind’s MENA Dealer I-ACT, Ala’a is working on some of the most exciting projects in Saudi Arabia, like SPARK City, the Jafurah project and NEOM, and is motivated by the opportunity to work with and alongside, cutting-edge technology.

With a focus on the environment and sustainability, AggreBind’s products and solutions are perfect for projects like NEOM, which requires all products used to be green, durable, and sustainable.

Ala'a testing the AggreBind solution As an engineer with AggreBind, Ala’a is responsible for designing and implementing road solutions and dust control for SPARK City. He is working to support the creation of the sustainable road network that will withstand the harsh weather conditions in Saudi Arabia while also ensuring that the project’s sustainability goals are met. Ala’a’s ultimate goal is to see AggreBind become a main element in road construction, reducing demand for engineered products and their detrimental effects on nature.

With a civil engineering degree and work experience within both sales and technical engineering roles, working with cements and polymers prior to finding AggreBind, Ala’a is motivated by working with future technology solutions and frequently shares his deep knowledge and experience with our global team for their projects; he states that he is driven by the desire to consistently learn and change as technology evolves.

Ala'a mixing the AggreBind solution With that advancing technology, Ala’a believes that engineers must similarly ‘keep up’ to stay ahead of the curve. AggreBind’s patented and cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions to construction make it an attractive option for engineers looking to work on innovative projects and make a positive impact on the environment.

With his expertise and commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, Ala’a and engineers like him, are leading the way in promoting eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for construction projects, setting an example for the industry by prioritizing sustainability and innovation.  As the construction industry continues to evolve, engineers like Ala’a will be crucial in driving change and creating a more sustainable future, for us all.