Agricultural solutions with AggreBind

Agricultural solutions are needed as the worlds’ population is currently increasing by 80 million people per annum and is projected to be 9 billion by 2042.

To provide food for this increasing population Agriculture will need to be more efficient and more protective of the environment.

AggreBind soil stabilizer can provide the following Agricultural solutions;
Dust control to increase crop yields and reduce the spread on various diseases to animals, plants, farm workers and their families.
Soil Stabilized dust free roads to improve productivity and reduce equipment maintenance costs.
Lining of drainage channels by stabilizing soil and sealing and water catchment ponds to preserve water supplies.

Agricultural Dirt roads and un-stabilized soil farm access roads
Dirt roads cause dust that affects crop growth and yield, transmits diseases, damages farm equipment and affects the health of farm workers and animals.


  • Reduced crop yields
  • Spread of infections to plants, animals and humans
  • Increased maintenance costs on farm equipment
  • Increased cost of transporting products to market
Agricultural solutions with AggreBind

Advantages of using AggreBind Soil Stabilizer

Dust Control.
Increases in crop yields.
AggreBind soil stabilizer can provide structural, durable, base layers inside farm buildings,
chicken coops for free range chickens, etc.
Reductions in crop contamination.
Stabilizing soil for the lining of drainage channels to divert water to assist in irrigation.
Suppresses weed growth.
Easier, quicker and safer road access, by providing stabilized roads from on-site soils.
Is harmless to humans, animals and the environment and
AggreBind treated soil can be used again for growing crops.
Provides a healthier environment for farm workers and their families.
Reduces the loss of soil in the rainy season and reduces the transmission of soil into rivers and dams.
Soil stabilizing irrigation ditches, containment ponds, shrimp & fish farms saves water and saves money.

Agricultural Benefits – Soil Stabilize

Stabilizing the soil significant improvement in crop yields.
Reduced maintenance costs and equipment damage.
Soil stabilization improves the health of farm workers.
Stabilizing soil also improves health of livestock.
Reductions in surface erosion that blocks streams and
drainage channels.

Agricultural solutions with AggreBind

Soil Stabilizer AggreBind has the solutions
AggreBind soil stabilizer can stabilize on-site soils to produce soil stabilized bricks for housing/other buildings and for securing fence posts.

 AggreBind is totally environmentally friendly

AggreBind Agricultural Solutions

Dust creates serious health problems,
increases the risk of accidents,
significantly reduces crop yields,
increases equipment maintenance costs, blocks drainage channels,
endangers wild life.
AggreBind has the answer!

AggreBind Agricultural Solutions

Aggregates/ other construction materials
these resources are limited, it is more economical to use recycled or
on site materials.
AggreBind has the answer!

AggreBind Agricultural Solutions

Water is a valuable resource there is growing concern for the future,
using sea water has to be considered.
AggreBind has the answer!

  We also have viable solutions for self help housing in developing countries.

AggreBind soil stabilized treated sub-soils/sands are totally re-usable, FOREVER.
AggreBind soil stabilized treated sub-soils can be:

  • Crushed, mixed with fertilizer, and then used in conjunction with a wide range of organic soils to grow virtually any crop
  • Used safely as they are totally non-toxic and will not damage the environment
  • Re-used for a wide range of applications in the construction industry

A wide range of AggreBind treated contaminated soils, sands, tar-sands, volcanic ash, mining waste and more can be:

  • Re-used for most applications within the construction industry
  • Re-used to reduce landfill costs.

Independent Laboratory Testing on all contaminated soils, sands, tar-sands, volcanic ash, mining waste and other materials must be implemented to ensure that the AggreBind soil stabilized  treated materials conform to local regulations and requirements.

Soil stabilization with AggreBind is meeting the challenge for a sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly and economically viable future.

Soil Stabilized ROADS with AggreBind:
Improving the load bearing capabilities of on-site sub-soils, or crushed construction waste materials:
Using AggreBind soil stabilizer reduces the amount of new mined aggregates required.
reduces the depth of the sub-base and base layers.
reduces the installation time.
provides significant cost savings..
significantly reduces the pollution and environmental damage levels.
reduces the quantity of materials being placed into landfills. 

Soil Stabilized HOUSING:
Virtually all construction waste materials and locally available sub-soils can be used for the manufacturing of bricks/pavers for affordable housing etc using AggreBind soil stabilizer.

FOOD PRODUCTION – Soil Stabilization:
Significant improvement in crop yields can be obtained by controlling dust and surface erosion. Additional benefits will also be provided from:
reductions in maintenance costs and equipment damage.
improved health of farm workers.
improved health of livestock.
reductions in surface erosion that blocks streams and drainage channels.

More Information on AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control for Agricultural Solutions

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