Banana Plantations

Banana Plantation dust control and soil stabilization with AggreBind

Stabilizing soil with AggreBind can provide some interesting and financially viable solutions in respect of the planning and maintenance of banana plantations.

Bananas need a warm subtropical climate, adequate moisture and protection from very high winds. Almost all varieties of Bananas grow best with 12 hours of bright light and high humidity of 50% or higher. The ideal temperature range is around 26-30°C (78-86F) with RH regime of 75-85%. Growth begins normally at 18ºC, reaches optimal growth at 27ºC and stop entirely when temperature reaches 38ºC. Although Bananas grow best in bright sunlight, high temperatures can scorch the leaves and fruit.

Soil Stabilizing all the plantation roads with AggreBind soil stabilizer will reduce dust, increase crop yields and reduce the damage and bruising of the fruit during transit to the warehouse on uneven and potholed roads. Soil Stabilized roads will also substantially reduce vehicle maintenance and operational costs.

Controlling and eliminating dust will also significantly improve the health of all farm workers and their families.

Stabilizing soil and lining irrigation channels and water containment ponds with AggreBind will reduce water loss and prevent the loss of valuable soils.

AggreBind can provide stabilized earth floors in storage areas or it can be used to seal existing concrete floors. This reduces the risk of contamination of the fruit by micro-organisms associated with dust.

Maintenance of any damaged stabilized soil AggreBind surfaces in roads or storage areas can easily be implemented by farm workers using simple hand tools.

To secure a reliable and committed work force it is important to provide them with an opportunity to improve their own life  and the lives of others in their community. This can be accomplished by providing them with the opportunity of manufacturing soil stabilized bricks, using  hand compaction equipment, and locally available AggreBind stabilized soil. The stabilized soil bricks can be used for local housing, schools, clinics, boundary walls etc.

Soil Stabilization Applications

Herein is information on the many potential AggreBind applications for banana plantations.
Banana plantations are a very unique and interesting industry sector that is active in numerous countries
throughout the world.
There is banana production in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, several Countries of Africa, the Phillipines, China, India and many of the Caribbean islands.

Banana Plantation soil stabilization and dust control using AggreBind

Banana Production worldwide

Of the agricultural products, the banana is the fourth most important food product within the least developed countries, being the staple food for some 400 million people. Of all the fruits, it holds first place by production volume and is amongst the five most consumed fruits on the planet. The top 20 producing countries grow 50+ million Mt of bananas.

Banana Plantation soil stabilization and dust control using AggreBind

Internal Roads Soil Stabilization and Dust Control using AggreBind

Banana Plantation soil stabilization and dust control with AggreBind

Typical Banana plantation roads.

All banana operations spend a lot of money on the maintenance of internal roads and wish they could soil stabilize them in a financially and economically feasible way. AggreBind soil stabilizer is the solution!

Dust Control with AggreBind

Banana Plantation soil stabilization and dust control using AggreBInd

All banana operations have roads that go through villages that complain about the trucks and vehicles contaminating their homes with dust.
Dust is also a cause of red mites infestation that could be controlled by using AggreBind.
AggreBind is the solution!

Parking & Packing plant area soil stabilization

Banana Plantation soil stabilization using AggreBind
Banana Plantation soil stabilization with AggreBind

Most banana packing plants (one for every 300-400 Ha. on average) need to stabilize and control dust in the areas surrounding the packing plant, concrete and asphalt are too expensive, they need an option at a lower cost with high effectiveness, durability and ease of installation.
AggreBind is the solution!

Soil stabilized irrigation channel waterproofing, Irrigation Channels and reservoirs (pumping stations)

Banana Plantation soil stabilization with AggreBind

All banana plantations have hundreds of irrigation channels that have problems with leakage and erosion.

AggreBind is ideal for waterproofing and erosion control, saving time, energy and money.

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control is the solution!

Airplane Runways

Most banana plantations have runways.  Most runways are grass and have problems with mud in winter and during rainy season.

AggreBind is the affordable alternative to asphalt.  AggreBind is durable and is safer than grass and aggregates.

AggreBind dust control and soil stabilization is the solution!

Banana Plantation soil stabilization with AggreBind

More Information on AggreBind Agricultural Solutions

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