Fire Breaks

firebreaks with AggreBind soil stabilization

Fire breaks are compulsory for rural properties: Landholders are responsible, and required by law, for installing a four metre wide clearing around the perimeter of their property, AggreBind is perfect for fire break application.

Fire breaks don’t stop a fire but they do provide the fire department with some time to save homes and people.

firebreaks with AggreBind soil stabilization

Properties that haven’t installed fire breaks will be issued a fine and a local authority can send contractors to install the firebreaks and bill the landholder. “Once you get fire in through these subdivisions it travels very quickly and can go from block to block to block.”

AggreBind is a water based, environmentally friendly cross-linking polymer that:
Provides stabilized fire breaks from onsite sub-soils that ensures easy rapid access for 20-40 tonne vehicles including fire fighting and rescue vehicles.

Reduces the root formation and growth rate of vegetation/shrubs by limiting moisture access into the Aggrebind stabilized layer. This also reduces fire break maintenance costs.
AggreBind reduces dust and soil erosion providing a healthier environment.
AggreBind enables the treated soil to be totally re-useable at anytime in the future.
Aggrebind can be used as a liner for on-site water catchment ponds and irrigation channels.
Aggrebind is environmentally friendly and totally harmless to all plants and animals.

firebreaks with AggreBind soil stabilization

Fire breaks serve a number of functions. Generally they are considered to be man-made barriers of bare ground intended to stop bush fires with the use of AggreBind a weed free, soil stabilized road/break can be of huge value and assistance.

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