Installation of fence posts

Using AggreBind Soil Stabilization for the installation of fence posts.
Installing fence posts can be a logistical nightmare as 25% of the fence post height is below ground.
The next consideration is what type of fence post to use; wood; metal; concrete; plastic etc.
How to securely fix the fence post is equally challenging as this involves excavating, checking if there are any below ground services, local authority planning regulations etc.
Disposing of any excavated material.
This is the point to start seriously considering the advantages of using AggreBind.
Using on-site materials in association with a versatile soil stabilizer like AggreBind soil stabilization can result in significant cost benefits and a substantial  reduction in the installation timeframe.

fence post installation with AggreBind
fence post installation with AggreBind soil stabilizer

Cross-linking polymer soil stabilization basically improves the load bearing capabilities of all on-site sub-soils, sands and crushed construction/mine waste materials.

25% of the height of a fence post is below ground and this can result in serious problems if adequate moisture protection is not provided for the fence post. It is essential that the below ground fence post is protected from moisture as this is one of the major causes of fence post failure.

AggreBind soil stabilization protects all types of fence posts against damage from water ingress or any other Agricultural chemicals.

AggreCoat can be used as a sealer for the fence panels and is available to dry clear or in a wide range of colours to make the fencing more decorative. This can be applied with any brush or spray equipment.

AggreBind and AggreCoat are environmentally friendly and totally harmless to humans, animals and plants.

The cross-linking polymers are simply diluted with on-site water, even sea water, then mixed with the on-site soil/material and compacted around the fence post.

Cross linking polymer soil stabilization is easy to install with basic tools and is very cost effective.

All AggreBind products are resistant to u/v damage and have excellent fire resistance.

fence post installation with AggreBind soil stabilizer

Installation Guidelines:

1. Dig a square hole 3 times larger than the width and thickness of the fence post. Remove any grass, weeds & roots; save the soil for later use.

2. Put a 20mm layer of gravel in the base of the hole.

3. Place the post in the hole and secure it in a vertical position.

4. Mix 1 part AggreBind with 3 parts water and add this mixture to the saved soil. Mix together until the mixture binds together when hand squeezed.

5. Place the treated soil into the hole and compact until the post is securely held.

6. Spray the surface of the compacted soil with a mixture of 1 part Aggrebind mixed with 3 parts water.


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