Sugar Cane Farming

Sugar cane farming with AggreBind soil stabilization

AggreBind Soil stabilization and dust control for sugar cane farming. Over 100 countries produce sugarcane and 15 countries devote 25% or more of their land to sugar production. The area planted has more than doubled in the last fifty years.                                                                    Sugar is the first or second most valuable export for over 12 countries.

Per hectare yields have only increased 30% since in the last fifty years.
Subsidies have discouraged innovation in sugar production so there are endless opportunities to improve the efficiency of the sugar cane farming industry.

One interesting fact is that it takes 1,500 to 3,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of sugar. This makes the preservation of water and the control of dust and soil erosion a top priority for all sugar cane farmers.

Cane can require from 3 to 10 cub mtrs of water to wash 1 ton of Cane.

AggreBind can provide a number of environmentally beneficial viable solutions for improving the efficiency, financial viability and productivity of Sugar Cane Farms.

AggreBind can also provide opportunities for local farm workers to develop their own communities by manufacturing bricks for houses, schools etc. using locally available sub-soils or waste mine materials.

Sugar cane farming with AggreBind

Drainage channels and water containment ponds can all be stabilised and lined with AggreBind to prevent the loss of valuable fresh water. Lining drainage channels with AggreBind will also significantly reduce the loss of valuable soils into rivers and water containment ponds.

Dust can be significantly reduced by stabilizing access roads with AggreBind and this will also contribute to reducing any crop infections from airborne bacterial contaminated dust.

Reducing dust will also improve the health of local farm workers, their families and animals and should also assist in improving the quality and quantity of the sugar cane yield. A ‘dust free zone’ will also reduce the maintenance costs of farm equipment.

Sugar cane farming with AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control

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