Cutting Road Maintenance Costs with AggreBind

Published Date July 3, 2024

Slashing Maintenance Costs: AggreBind’s Long-Lasting Solution for Road and Infrastructure Projects

Surface seal Building Stronger, Sustainable Roads and Infrastructure with AggreBind

Since its inception in 1996, AggreBind’s long-lasting, sustainable soil stabilization solution has proven its effectiveness in countless projects worldwide. Today, with a presence in over 40 countries and a portfolio of six innovative products, AggreBind stands out as a disruptive technology for mining organizations, global construction firms, and governments seeking eco-friendly solutions to meet their infrastructure needs.

The Science Behind AggreBind’s Low Maintenance and Durability

AggreBind’s success lies in its advanced, proprietary chemistry. Utilizing long-string cross-linking copolymer technology, AggreBind significantly increases the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and load-bearing strength of treated soils by 400% to 600%, as confirmed by independent laboratory tests. This translates to long-lasting, durable roads and soil stabilization that minimizes environmental impact.

A Proven Track Record of Performance

AggreBind’s effectiveness isn’t just theoretical. Installations dating back to 2009 in Romania and Ukraine, and since 2012 in Central America, continue to perform exceptionally well. These long-standing projects showcase AggreBind’s ability to deliver reliable road stabilization solutions across diverse environments, making it a compelling choice for sustainable infrastructure development.

Maintenance-Free Stability for Long-Term Savings

One of AggreBind’s key advantages over traditional road stabilizers is its minimal maintenance requirement. Traditional solutions often require reapplication every 12 to 18 months, incurring significant costs and disruptions. AggreBind’s unique technology creates solid, water-resistant, and hydrophobic roads and road bases that virtually eliminate water ingress. This translates to substantial cost savings and convenience for mining operations, construction firms, and government agencies seeking proven technology and infrastructure solutions that enable policy change and safe investment.

Durability in High-Traffic Areas

Roads built with proper drainage are primarily vulnerable to surface wear in high-friction areas like sharp turns, inclines, intersections, and parking lots. When a wearing surface like asphalt or chip seal is applied, the surface is protected. In applications without a wearing course, AggreBind-stabilized roads can be self-sealed or sealed with AggreBind’s HiPower solution for lasting durability. If surface wear occurs through friction, it can be easily addressed through simple, fast and low-cost maintenance procedures that support the road’s long-term integrity.

Preventing Potholes and Water Damage for Sustainable Infrastructure

AggreBind’s effectiveness in preventing water ingress is crucial for protecting against potholes and other water-related road damage. This aligns with sustainable development goals, as water ingress significantly weakens road structures and leads to premature road failure. By significantly reducing or eliminating water ingress, AggreBind-treated roads maintain their strength and integrity, minimizing the need for, and prohibitive cost of, frequent repairs and replacements.

Prioritizing Partnerships that Deliver Lasting Results

At AggreBind, we focus on building long-term partnerships and contributing to the development of sustainable infrastructure. Our global network of Dealers is dedicated to providing ongoing solutions that avoid the need for repeated maintenance cycles that some companies rely on. This commitment to genuine improvement and collaboration, alongside our cutting-edge technology, positions AggreBind as a leader in sustainable road construction.

AggreBind’s Simple, Low-Cost Maintenance

AggreBind requires only occasional inspections, particularly in high-traffic areas. If surface wear is detected, it can be addressed with a simple “see something, do something” approach:

  • Clean the area with a blower or broom.
  • Reapply the surface treatment (only), with the diluted AggreBind solution.
  • Use a water-truck, man-carried spray pack, or garden watering can, to apply the admixture.
  • Allow the surface to dry before reopening.

For potholes:

  • Remove loose materials and shape the area with right angles for enhanced binding.
  • Compact mechanically or with a hand-tamper.
  • Spray the compacted surface with the admixture.
  • Prepare and add the repair material with admixture to the hole.
  • Compact mechanically or with a hand-tamper.
  • Spray the top surface with admixture for protection.
  • Open the repaired areas when the top surface is dry to the touch.
  • Invest in Quality with AggreBind for Sustainable Infrastructure

Choosing AggreBind’s long-lasting, sustainable soil stabilization solution signifies an investment in quality and long-term cost savings. Unlike traditional stabilizers, AggreBind offers a durable, low-maintenance solution that minimizes environmental impact and contributes to achieving sustainable development goals. When minimal upkeep and long-term reliability are priorities, AggreBind is the clear choice for low-maintenance, road and infrastructure projects, regardless of industry.

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