Calculating AggreDust Dilution Rate and Dispersion

Published Date June 30, 2024

The Critical Role of Trials in Topical Treatment for Effective Dust Solutions and Slope Control with AggreDust

dilution rate and dispersion or application flow rate of AggreDust admixture In our frequent Q&A sessions with new clients interested in dust control and slope surface stabilization solutions, one question invariably arises: “How much product is needed?” This query underscores a deeper concern regarding the amount of AggreDust required, dilution rate and dispersion or application flow rate of AggreDust admixture. Addressing these factors is crucial in determining the precise amount of product required for effective dust control and slope management. This article aims to shed light on the importance of conducting trials with various dosages and dilution rates, emphasizing the task-specific’ challenges of  dust control and AggreBind’s customized approach to slope surface stabilization in meeting the unique needs of each project. 

Understanding Dosing and Dilution Rates and Their Importance 

AggreDust dilution rate Slope surface stabilizing involves more than just applying a standard solution; it requires a nuanced understanding of the specific conditions and requirements of the site. Typically, topical soil or slope surface stabilization with AggreDust necessitates a dosage rate ranging from 0.15 to 0.25 per m2. This variation depends on several factors, including soil type, moisture content, and environmental conditions. To determine the optimal dilution rate, conducting on-site side-by-side trials is essential. 

AggreBind Dilution Rate for Topical Dust Control and Surface Soil Treatment 

Trials are pivotal in assessing how different dilution rates perform under real-world conditions. They allow us to fine-tune the AggreDust application rate for surface soil stabilization to achieve the desired outcomes, ensuring both effectiveness and efficiency. Trial patches are conducted side by side onsite and can be completed in a single day, enabling an easy, efficient and valuable decision-making tool that’s right for your project outcomes and your wallet. Here are three illustrative examples from our recent projects: 

dessert sand in Saudi Arabia 1. Shifting Desert Sands in Port Spark, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – In Port Spark, the local AggreBind team I-ACT faced the challenge of stabilizing shifting desert sands. Given the loose and dynamic nature of the sand, the team conducted trials at different dosage and dilution rates to determine the most effective concentration for desert sand stabilization with AggreDust to achieve the desired binding effect, ensuring long-term stability and dust control. 

2. High Moisture Content Soils at a Renewables Project, United States – Our client, a large-scale solar project’s goal was to stabilize destabilized basin embankments subject to high moisture content soil. High moisture levels pose a unique challenge, requiring careful calibration and testing of the dilution rate. Conducting multiple side-by-side trials allows us to test, assess and identify the optimal dosage and dilution that provides the necessary surface stabilization without oversaturating the soil. 

Cool piles 3. Coal Piles at the Shipping Port, Guatemala
– The Port project presented a different challenge: coal pile surface dust control to prevent fugitive dust, wind erosion control and product loss, as well as environmental and worker health and safety concerns. Here, the key was to find a dilution rate that could cap the coal piles effectively while maintaining structural integrity. Through extensive trials, we identified a dilution rate that balanced these needs, resulting in effective dust control and improved pile stability.  By effectively surface sealing the coal piles we reduced the influx of oxygen which is needed to cause the coal to ignite and spontaneously combust.  

AggreBind’s Collaborative and Customized Approach to Project Deliverables 

AggreBind Projects in Saudi Arabia The success of these projects highlights the AggreBind team’s commitment to working closely with project owners to achieve tailored solutions. Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, we recognize that each project presents unique challenges and opportunities. Our team’s expertise in dust control solutions for construction and mining industries, ensure that we meet the specific needs of each site, rather than simply pushing a standard application. 

This collaborative approach is at the heart of what we do. We prioritize understanding the on-ground conditions and requirements, using this knowledge to guide our application of AggreDust. This method not only ensures the effectiveness of our solutions but also demonstrates our dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients and the unique needs of each project. 

For more detailed information on our projects and the tailored solutions we offer, contact us about your project and discover how we can help you achieve optimal soil stabilization and dust control.