Soil Stabilizer AggreBind FAQ's

Does AggreBind have quality controls?

AggreBind soil stabilizer testingYes. AggreBind soil stabilizer has a unique formulation that includes a tracer. This tracer offers Engineers and clients a unique opportunity to evaluate the polymer present in the treated material. This is carried out by an independent laboratory to ensure the credibility of the testing results.

How is AggreBind supplied?

Soil Stabilizer AggreBindIn 205 ltr drums and 25 ltr containers. There are 40 drums in a 20 foot container and 80 drums in a 40 foot container.

What is the Harmonized Code?

Soil stabilizer codeThe code is 3906.90.10 or 3906.90.90. Consult your local customs office for the lowest importation code, as this varies from country to country.

How must AggreBind be stored?

Soil Stabilizer AggreBind storageThe soil stabilizer product AggreBind must be stored undercover and it must not be frozen prior to being used.

Can AggreBind seal contaminated materials?

Waste material encapsulation with AggreBindYes. The AggreBind coats each contaminated particle with a flexible durable coating that prevents leaching and protects the environment.

Can standard road testing methods be used?

Soil Stabilization testingYes. Standard troxler or cone penetrometer equipment can be used. Core sampling is not recommended as this can damage the long strings of cross-linking polymer.

Does AggreBind require specialized equipment?

Stabilizing soil equipmentNo. All standard road construction and block making equipment can be used with AggreBind soil stabilizer.

Is Aggrebind diluted before being used?

mixing soil stabilizer AggreBindYes. It is diluted with virtually with any type of water, even sea water, to ensure that it is dispersed evenly through the material being treated. It is important to ensure that all the soil particles are coated with the
AggreBind/water solution. This is why we recommend that the moisture level after spraying increases the moisture level to just over OMC.

What types of standard road construction equipment are used for soil stabilizing?

Soil stabilization equipmentYou need something to rip the road and break up the surface like a Meri Crusher, a spray truck, road grader and smooth drum vibration compactor. The polymer can be diluted with virtually any type of water but sea water can reduce the layer strength.

What is OMC?

Stabilizing soil OMC testOMC is Optimum Moisture Content and this represents the moisture level necessary to achieve maximum density after compaction for soil stabilization.

Is there a simple moisture level test?

Stabilizing soil OMC testingYes. After spraying the blend of soil to be stabilized with AggreBind you squeeze the treated soil firmly in your hand. If it binds together, with no moisture leaching through your fingers, then the treated layer is ready for compaction.

Will any wearing surface bond to AggreBind?

Soil type for soil stabilizationYes. The durability of an un-surfaced AggreBind soil stabilized treated layer will depend on the stone content in the treated soil. A wearing surface is recommended for roads that are constantly used by 40+ tonne vehicles. The wearing surface can be a top coat of AggreBind.

What is a sub-base?

Base layer soil stabilizationThis is the area immediately below the soil that is to be stabilized. It is important that the sub- base is structurally sound as this could affect the strength of the soil stabilized layer. The most effective way is to rip the layer to be soil stabilized and move the loose soil to the side or ends to expose the sub-base. Re-compact or improve the sub-base before soil stabilizing the base layer.

What happens if the treated layer dries out?

Soil stabilizing AggreBindDon’t panic spray it again with water and continue working.

Can AggreBind stabilized roads be repaired easily?

AggreBind soil stabilization repairsYes, AggreBind soil stabilized roads can be repaired easily, no matter how big or small the area. AggreBind soil stabilization has a unique bond-back capability that ensures that damaged areas bond naturally to a previously treated area.
Moreover the repaired area will attain the same strength as the previously treated original areas.

How soon can we use the road and what is the full curing time?

Soil stabilized road AggreBindRoads can be open for traffic within 2 hours, depending on conditions. Full curing takes up to 28 days depending on conditions.

Can AggreBind soil stabilizer repair potholes?

AggreBind soil stabilizerAggreBind soil stabilizer can be used to repair potholes, Yes. But it is advisable to spray the exposed pothole first with AggreBind soil stabilizer, then fill the hole with AggreBind treated soil, compact and over-spray the surface.
With AggreBind soil stabilizer it is important to spray past the edges of the pothole repair as this prevents water ingress.

When should AggreBind be sprayed?

Soil stabilization with AggreBindWhen there is no frost or no rain forecast for 3 hours following the installation. If it does rain just re-work the treated soil to release some of the excess moisture.

Is AggreBind quicker and cheaper than conventional road construction?

Soil stabilization costs with AggreBindYes. Working with AggreBind soil stabilizer is 50% to 75% faster than conventional road construction and will reduce costs by 40-60%.

Is there a basic specification for materials?

soil needed for soil stabilizationA minimum of 35% fines passing through a 0.63 sieve and no stone larger than 20% of the layer depth being soil stabilized. AggreBind soil stabilizer is effective with cohesive and non-cohesive materials, even desert sand.

What are the primary uses for AggreBind?

Soil stabilizing bricks, blocks and roadsRoads, manufacture of bricks/blocks from a wide variety of locally available on-site materials and construction waste or rubble.

Can AggreBind be used as a sealer?

Top sealing soil stabilized road with AggreBindYes. It cures normally within 1 hour at +/-16°C and produces a flexible, highly water resistant surface

Can AggreBind be damaged by Ultra Violet?

Stabilized soil UvSurface deterioration could occur after 10 years on un-surfaced roads. Soil stabilized layers are projected to last over 20 years.

Is AggreBind flexible or rigid when cured?

Stabilizing soil with AggreBindIt cures over a 28 day period and produces a flexible layer.

What is the length of time unused AggreBind can be stored?

soil stabilizer AggreBind product shelf lifeAggreBind has a 12 month shelf-life, storage period prior to use.

Will AggreBind remain effective for years?

AggreBind soil stabilizerYes. AggreBind soil stabilizer will last indefinitely after the 28 day curing period following soil stabilization installation. The polymer is guaranteed against failure, subject to declared conditions, for a period of 5 years.

Is AggreBind environmentally friendly?

Environmentally friendly soil stabilizer AggreBindYes. Treated soils have later been crushed and then used to grow grass and plants.

Does AggreBind enhance the weight?

Soil stabilizing test AggreBindYes.  AggreBind can increase the weight bearing capacity by 4 to 6 times as measured by the CBR (California Bearing Ratio).

What is AggreBind?

AggreBind stabilized soilAggreBind soil stabilizer is a water based cross linking styrene acrylic polymer that increases the strength of a wide range of soils and waste materials.

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