Re-purposing Slag and Mining Waste

Published Date July 20, 2023

Re-purposed slag AggreBind project AggreBind’s Circularity Mindset – Reusing and Repurposing Slag & Mining Waste

In today’s world, where sustainable practices and circular economy principles are gaining momentum, AggreBind is making a significant impact. By reusing and repurposing iron slag, mining waste, and other material waste products, AggreBind is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future. This article explores AggreBind’s innovative approach by not only addressing the environmental challenges posed by iron slag, mining waste and material waste (e.g., concrete rubble, coal slag) but also by contributing to the circular economy.
Asphalt wearing layer on RAP AggreBind project 1. Repurposing Iron Slag in Road Construction – AggreBind’s early projects involved repurposing iron slag into road bases. By incorporating slag into the construction of a truck park for an iron ore smelting operation and utilizing chrome slag for a county car park, AggreBind achieved multiple benefits. Firstly, it saved money by eliminating the need to recycle or dispose of the waste material. Additionally, using slag reduced the reliance on external materials, minimizing environmental impact. This innovative approach not only promotes circularity it showcases the untapped potential for a myriad of waste materials converted into infrastructure development, along with the saving of finite resources which are typically additions to construction projects

2. The Challenge of Mining Waste in Mining operations, while vital for economic growth through resource extraction, this generates substantial amounts of waste and hazardous waste. Tailing from extraction are currently stockpiled and used in tailing ponds.  When tailings become airborne or leach, they pose critical environmental and health challenges.  Many of these tailings can be incorporated into construction projects such as roads and blocks, and those hazardous tailings that cannot, can be sealed with AggreBind.  At AggreBind we call this instituting a ‘good neighbour’ policy, bringing circularity to waste, saving disposal costs, and improving the surrounding community.

AggreBind RoadMaster using slag project 3. Environmental Benefits and Resource Conservation – AggreBind’s utilization of waste has far-reaching environmental benefits. Be it reusing iron slag, repurposing mining waste or demolition waste, forward-thinking companies reduce the need for landfill space, minimize greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste disposal, and curtail the extraction of virgin materials. This approach not only helps to conserve natural resources, it also reduces the overall ecological footprint of the company’s operations and bolsters the company’s environmental creds.

4. Contributing to a Circular Economy – Circular economy principles prioritize the reduction, reuse, and recycling of resources to create a closed-loop system. AggreBind’s projects demonstrate a tangible commitment to circularity. By repurposing waste from smelting, mining, coal power generation and construction demolition, AggreBind turns waste into usable products ensuring their integration back into the economy. Through these initiatives, our goal is to pave the way for a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

5. Scaling Up and Collaboration AggreBind’s success in repurposing various waste products highlights the vast potential for similar initiatives across various industries. Collaboration with mining companies, foundries, agriculture, forestry services and infrastructure developers can lead to the adoption of sustainable practices on a larger scale. By demonstrating the economic viability and environmental benefits of reusing and repurposing a multitude of industrial waste, it is our hope to inspire industry to higher sustainability goals and standards.

By incorporating iron slag into road bases and construction projects, AggreBind not only reduces waste and landfill burden, AggreBind also saves costs and conserves natural resources. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, we hope to partner with more future-sighted industry leaders to find better solutions to industry issues.