Aggrebind research on soil stabilization and dust control, testing and certification is on-going through laboratories across the world.

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control can be adapted to provide some unique benefits for a wide range of environmental, farming, mining and community applications. Simply providing people and animals with safe, dust free roads and farm tracks will reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the health of all farm animals and workers. Reducing dust, dust control will also increase crop yields and conserve valuable water supplies.

The prime AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control objective is to find solutions that are financially viable and beneficial and protective of the environment.

With AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control encourages and promotes the re-use of on-site soils, crushed construction and mine waste, and certain types of industrial waste are high on AggreBind’s list of priorities. Initial independent research and testing indicates that AggreBind can also re-use oil contaminated sand and waste volcanic material.

Mining companies can include AggreBind as part of their Community Development Program by supplying free brick making equipment, waste mine material and a donation of some AggreBind to start the program. AggreBind Inc will provide the initial training.

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control technology is particularly relevant in rural areas, developing countries, environmentally sensitive areas, water conservation, and in protecting our rapidly depleting stocks of mined construction materials.

Two of the most plentiful resources on our planet, desert sand and sea water, are not being used because they are not compatible with current construction technology. AggreBind soil stabilizer and dust control can create stabilized bricks and road base layers using desert sand and sea water. Add to this the possible re-use of certain contaminated materials and the benefits for the planet become substantial.

AggreBind is environmentally friendly and totally harmless to all plants and animals.

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control

Test results of AggreBind

Manufacturer batch-testing in accordance with ISO Standards

1) Adhesion;
Excellent to various stones; marble; cement; slate; tested using cross-hatch tape test.
The coating is scored using a sharp knife or special tool;
Scotch tape applied and pulled off. An estimation of the amount of coating remaining is made. This is a standard test for paint lacquers.

2) Longevity;
This is a polymer and therefore will not degrade readily.
Coatings have been exposed to air and light for many years without any signs of deterioration.

3) UV resistance:
No observed deterioration has been observed.

4) Environmental:
The polymeric content has a molecular weight of much greater than 1000 and is therefore deemed to be not bio-available.
It is therefore considered to have a minimal impact on the environment.

5) Surface abrasion:
Good resistance as a film; this will be enhanced by the mineral content in construction.

6) Surface spills:
2 coats of polymer allowed 48 hrs to dry. 24 hr spot test

Petrol: film slightly dulled; no effect on film integrity
Light mineral oil: no effect
15W/50 Motor oil: no effect
Hydrochloric acid: film dulled and slightly swollen; adhesion to tile reduced
Phosphoric acid: film destroyed salt resistance: “Rock Salt” = sodium chloride (NaCl), this should have no effect on a dry film of AggreBind

Letter of AggreBind Soil Stabilizing and Dust Control Testing, Approvals and Certifications

June 25, 2013

AggreBind Soil Stabilizing Testing, Approvals and Certifications

To whom it may concern,

I confirm that AggreBind soil stabilizer and dust control has been laboratory tested and has received approvals from the following:

– Laboratory National of Building and Public Work Republic of Togo, – Ministerio de Vivienda, Construcción y Saneamiento del Perú,
– Civil, Environmental & Geotechnical Engineers Caribbean,
– CERAM Building Technology UK

– CONSULTECH Soluciones Geotecnicos, Colombia

Further, AggreBind has received International Certifications from:
– United Nations MINUSTAH MISSION Haiti
– British Army (Landing Strip for Hercules B21-130 Airplanes – Independent Government approved Laboratory in UK
– Republic of Togo
– Government of Romania
– Government of Ukraine
– Independent Government approved Laboratory in Colombia – Independent Government approved Laboratory in Curacao

And, AggreBind soil stabilizer and dust control has satisfied all environmental impact requirements of Australia, receiving approval as an Importation (complex) Chemical Formula. AggreBind is now listed in the AICS, Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances.

Sincerely yours,

Robert D. Friedman President

The only chemicals that would destroy a dry film of AggreBind are strong acids and bases (pH above 10), petrol and engine oil had no effect on a dry film of AggreBind (note: tests were carried out without tracer or carbon black, we are confident that the addition of the tracer and carbon black does not negatively impact on the chemical resistance of AggreBind).

*temperature resistance: dry film of AggreBind will start to burn at temperatures above 300C.

7) Compatibility:
This is an anionic dispersion and therefore will be coagulated by cationic surfactants, acids and high ion concentrations particularly of trivalent metal salts.
Various other water miscible chemicals can be added without causing undue problems especially if pre-diluted.

8­) Cured film recovery and memory characteristics:
This is a copolymer and not an elastomer. The film is flexible and has some recovery.

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control
AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control

Peru Block Tests
Comments / Guide to the testing from the Ministerio de Vivienda Constuccion y Saneamiento

The following in red are loose translations to convey the meaning of certain expressions used in the attached report. The blue are comments to help better understand he report in Spanish.

Titulo / Title

Ground elements (dirt or soil) not sewn (heated or cooked)
Adobe estabilizado con asfalto para muros
Adobe stabilized with asphalt particles for walls.
This is the standard to which the Aggrebind blocks were tested. Peruvian safety regulations for Adobe (E-80): 12 kg/cm2.

Testigo / Test
Proporcion / Proportions
Tierra contenido arcilloso y confitillo
Earth (dirt) with clay and fines (pebbles or small rocks)
Tierra con bajo contenido arcilloso
Earth (dirt) with a low clay content

Resistencia al compression
Compression resistance
Carga de rotura
Critical load
Area de la seccion transversal promedio
Area of the cross-section average

Observaciones / Observations

Muestra proporcionades por el cliente:Testigos de adobe
Samples provided by client: Adobe test standard
Los especimenes contenian cierto grado de humedad al momento del ensayo
The specimens contained a certain degree of humidity (moisture) at the time of the test.
Los especimenes fueron tallados por el peticionario y fueron entregados en esa condicion.
The specimens were presented in the condition prepared by the client.
El presente documento no debera reproducirse sin la autorization escrita del laboratorio, salvo que la reproduccion sea en su totalidad
Do not reproduce this document without authorization written of the laboratory, unless it is reproduced in its totality
Calibrador de longitud utilizado: 534-101 calibrado con Indecopi* (Certificado de Calibracion LLA-318-2010)
Calibrator used for length: 534-101 measured with Indecopi* (Certificate of calibration LLA-318- 2010)
*Peruvian government authority. National Institute to Defend Competency and Protect Intellectual property.
Equipo de compression utilizado VERSA TESTER, verificado con CELDA EIRL, patrones trazados con Deutscher Kalibrierdients DKD*. (Certificado de calibracions CMC-033-2010)
Equipment used for compression VERSA TESTER, verified by CELDA EIRL, based on Deutscher Kalibrierdients DKD*. (Certificate of calibration CMC-033-2010)
*Accreditation by the German Accreditation Body.

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