Road Soil Stabilization

AggreBind soil stabilizationAggreBind Soil Stabilization is the answer to what is needed on a global scale. The world desperately needs new, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly solutions for road construction and road maintenance.

Cost evaluations indicate that AggreBind soil stabilization can produce savings of 40% to 60% over conventional road construction. AggreBind remains traceable after installation and this provides excellent quality controls.

There is growing concern about the cost and sustainability of current road construction, material availability, and road maintenance.

We must learn to make better use of available on-site materials and waste materials wherever possible. This will be a major factor in producing soil stabilized viable, sustainable, cost effective and affordable local roads and major highways.

AggreBind Soil stabilization application

Rural roads can basically be installed with soil stabilization AggreBind mixed with water (even sea water can be used) and applied with a spray tanker or farm spraying equipment. This soil stabilizing mixture is then mixed into the soil, graded and compacted with a vibration compactor. To complete the soil stabilization the surface is then sealed with AggreBind to reduce water ingress and erosion, which is the cause of most road failures.

AggreBind soil stabilizing a road
AggreBind soil stabilizer road compressive strength

AggreBind soil stabilization increases the load bearing capabilities of virtually all on site soils and waste materials by a factor of 4 to 6 times, 400% to 600%. AggreBind soil stabilizer also provides additional tensile strength that is created by the cross linking of the AggreBind copolymers.

AggreBind soil stabilization basic rules are no stone/aggregate larger than 20% of the layer depth being treated and a minimum of 35% fines passing through a 200 sieve.

Fines can if necessary be created on site with a Meri Crusher or similar equipment.

AggreBind soil stabilization sifting the fines
Soil stabilization AggreBind community project

Soil stabilized Roads can be maintained in rural areas by the local population using very basic tools. This provides job opportunities, community development and additional safety for both motorists and pedestrians.

AggreBind soil stabilizer is ideal for repairing potholes and is achieved by crushing the existing road with an Asphalt Zipper or similar equipment and then soil stabilising it, in situ, with AggreBind soil stabiliser.

AggreBind soil stabilization for pothole repairs

All traditional road surfacing materials can be applied to a compacted AggreBind soil stabilised base layer.

AggreBind soil stabilization colors

AggreBind soil stabilizer is also available in a wide range of colours that can be used for road marking and the location of any below ground services.

AggreBind soil stabilization is environmentally friendly and harmless to all plants and animals. AggreBind can also be used for the lining of drainage channels and the manufacturing of soil stabilized bricks, blocks and pavers.

AggreBind soil stabilizer is also used for pathways, pavements and cycle tracks and so much more…

REPORT ON SCIENTIFIC AND RESEARCH WORK on Soil Stabilization, under Contract No. 46-09

Report titles “Determination of physical and mechanical properties of soils treated by the soil stabilization agent AggreBind for the construction of road facings under conditions of Ukraine ”

“On the basis of information provided by the customer a conclusion was made that the use of the soil stabilization agent AggreBind allows solving issues such as avoiding the washout of the road after rains, the appearance of potholes, the washout of separate fractions of the filling aggregate from the surfacing, the appearance of tracing ruts as well as the reduction of a harmful influence on environment. The essence of the use of the soil stabilization agent AggreBind lies in the fact that the treatment of soils by the water solution of the stabilization agent results in the formation of solid water-resistant structures that can be used in the construction of roads as the main and only layer of the road facing.”

Submitted by, Director of DerzhdorNDI – P.M. Koval, Head of the Department of road facingsof DerzhdorNDI, S.K. Golovko

Road Surface Soil Stabilization  – Trail Road – Chaclacayo, PERU

The road was graded and compacted using only water.
The surface was then treated with 1 part Aggrebind mixed with 4 parts water for dust control and surface soil stabilization.

The soil stabilization surface stable and free from dust, creating a safer and healthier access route for communities living in the area.

surface soil stabilization trail road dust control AggreBind

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