Recycling Asphalt, pothole repairs, chip seal – For economic and environmental reasons it is preferable that existing construction materials are, wherever possible, treated and reused on-site for recycling asphalt, pothole repairs etc. This is particularly relevant for the AggreBind soil stabilization of in-situ  recycling of Asphalt surfaces and damaged potholes, ideal for pothole repairs.

Reinstatement costs are significantly lower and installation time frames are shorter than importing and using new materials. No materials are removed from the site, there are no deposits of waste materials into landfill. There is less inconvenience and frustration for road users.

Standard crushing, spraying and compaction equipment is used for all applications. The repaired road or pothole with AggreBind soil stabilized layer is then surface sealed and the area is open to traffic within 1 hour of completion. AggreBind soil stabilizer is a water based cross linking copolymer that binds the crushed material into a structural, flexible, and water resistant soil stabilized layer.

AggreBind soil stabilizer is available in a variety of different colors including clear and black.

There is mounting evidence that badly maintained roads, road failure and potholes are causing accidents, damage to vehicles, dangers to cyclists and pedestrians. Accident and damage claims from road users are a major contributor for ever increasing insurance rates.

Pathways, cycle-ways, driveways and parking areas can also be recycled and repaired with AggreBind soil stabilization. AggreBind soil stabilization is extremely resilient to heat, frost and snow, is unaffected by petrol and oil spillages and is totally harmless to animals and is easy to apply and use.

AggreBind is totally and completely environmentally friendly.

Recycling Asphalt pothole repairs chip seal with AggreBind
Asphalt repairs with AggreBind soil stabilization

Pothole repairs: (Mixture 1 part AGB mixed with 3 parts water)
Remove any loose material and shape the pothole area to be square or rectangular.
Spray the exposed pothole surfaces of the hole with the AGB/water mixture.
Prepare more material ensuring that there is no stone larger than 8mm.
Add the AGB/water mixture to the material until it reaches the right moisture level for compaction. Place the material into the prepared pothole and compact.
Spray the compacted surface with the AGB/water mixture ensuring that the area sprayed is larger than the repaired pothole. This protects the prepared pothole treated area from water ingress during the curing process.

Chip Seal Application using AggreBind

AggreBind solutions and procedures: Surface sealing:
Remove any loose material and oil from the surface.
Repair any damaged sections.
Spray the surface with a mixture of 1parts AGB mixed with 3 parts water at a rate of  +/- 1ltr per sq mtr.

chip seal and AggreBind soil stabilization road base

On-site recycling of Asphalt Surfaces


  1. Thoroughly crush the surface to the required depth.
  2. Check that the base below the crushed Asphalt is structurally sound. Repair and re-compact the base if necessary.
  3. Carry out a sieve analysis of the crushed Asphalt.
  4. Add, and  mix in fines  (passing through a 0.063 sieve) if necessary, to ensure that the fines content is 35%+ of the total volume to be stabilized.
    NOTE: Fines can be any locally available material: Soil, Sand, Mine waste, etc.
  5. Spray the area with a mixture of 1 part AggreBind mixed with 3 parts water at a rate of 1.5ltrs per sq mtr per 50mm depth of Asphalt.
  6. Grade and profile the surface.
  7. Compact with a smooth drum road compactor.
  8. Spray the surface again with a mixture of 1 part AggreBind mixed with 3 parts water at a rate of 1 ltr per sq mtr.
  9. Do not install if rain or frost is imminent.
  10. Open the road to traffic after 2 hours

AggreBind is environmentally friendly and harmless to plants and animals.
Read the instructions on the Material Safety Data Sheet in case of emergencies.

Typical examples of tired, dangerous, pothole -filled roads needing to be rejuvenated 

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.13.26 PM

Main reasons for damage to road surface layers:

  • Water ingress due to poor drainage.
  • Failure of the base/ sub-base layer.
  • Frost heave.
  • Tree roots.
  • Chemical spillage.
Damage to asphalt

AggreBind surfaces can be painted with traditional road paints or highlighted in various AggreBind colors.

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