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Runways – Landing strips
AggreBind and Airport Applications

AggreBind has applications for all kind of roadways or soil stabilized runways and building projects. As demonstrated in the video “Stabilizing Soil at Aero Club Guatemala,” AggreBind can be used for various types of road construction at airports. AggreBind is suitable for soil stabilizing private landing strips or regional airports, as well as for major commercial airports and helipads.

Airports have three primary areas where stabilized roads are necessary: runways, taxiways and parking areas. All three of these can be treated with AggreBind soil stabilizer.

Dirt roads or soil runways have loose gravel which are hazardous because they create high levels of dust that affect pedestrians, motorists, local inhabitants and agriculture. With AggreBind soil stabilization, a proprietary cross-linking copolymer, this is no longer an issue. AggreBind coats the particulates of whatever the indigenous terrain may be, and under vibro-compaction, the coated particulates bind together, thus forming an interlocking base. This cross-linking is where the mass solidifies, blocks together, and forms a hydrophobic base that is water-resistant, has great tensile strength and can withstand major variations in temperature.

Once the AggreBind treated soil has been compacted, it is then sealed. The surface sealing reduced the ingress of water into the treated layer and significantly reduced the risk of structural damage and failure, also eliminating the dust particles.

Soil stabilization with AggreBind can be used on both pre-existing roads, as well as where there was not a previous way to have roads, meaning that it can resurface old asphalt or concrete, or be mixed with the existing soil and be turned into a road or runway for the first time. AggreBind can be used to rejuvenate and resurface asphalt or concrete parking areas, runways, taxiways, sidewalks and pathways.

AggreBind soil stabilizer has many benefits, including being non-flammable, non-toxic, resistant to damage caused by UV rays, impermeable to rain after installation is completed, and, as always, cost effective.

Soil Stabilization Aero club
Stabilized soil Aero club

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