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  a cross-linked styrene acrylic water-based polymer

Patent Pending and Proprietary Technology

Environmentally Friendly

Stabilized Soil Roads, Blocks, Bricks & Pavers


No Country can afford these roads

“My Country was never so rich that it could afford poor roads”

William the Conqueror

Doomsday Survey



Affordable roads with Aggrebind©  

  •  sealed, water resistant, stabilized, on-site soil
  • for rural roads, or with an asphalt wear surface for primary roads and, if desired, a concrete topping for specialty applications, i.e. airports/arterial roads



C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\AGB approvals & tests\word\army letter3.jpg

2009 Ukraine Aggrebind© base with concrete top construction for factory road in Odessa

C:\Users\don\Documents\Ukraine\ukraine trial.bmpC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\AGB approvals & tests\word\Romania cert2.jpg

Previously branded Soilbind

Embankment/Bund construction

Implemented by the UK Royal operations

In Afghanistan

Romanian Certification

Some of Aggrebind’s specialty applications

Landing strip for Hercules C-130



 column cross-section

Loose Gravel is Dangerous!

Dirt and gravel roads often develop corrugations, a wash-board effect, that makes driving conditions hazardous and can cause serious damage to vehicles and products.


Environmentally damaging, dangerous dust

Dirt and gravel roads cause high levels of dust that is a constant hazard.  Dust is dangerous to motorists, pedestrians, the general health of local  inhabitants and dust significantly reduces crop output.


The Aggrebind© (AGB)solution

  • 1.  Construct traditional asphalt/concrete surfaces
  • 2.  AGB stabilized soil  base with asphalt   wear surface
  • 3. Construct AGB stabilized soil with stone chippings embedded
  • 4. Construct AGB stabilized soil
  • 5. Construct AGB stabilized road base and surface seal with AGB polymer.
  •    AGB does not use cement or concrete.

Too expensive and not environmentally friendly

Less expensive than (1), same durability and result

Less expensive and faster than (1) and (2), with greater surface wearability.

Higher wear than (3) with permanent road base, typically 50% cheaper

Less expensive, faster and easier to install providing a durable water resistant surface that only requires resealing when visual wear appears.

The Aggrebind© alternative

Note: This is a general guideline only and each project should be engineered /evaluated.



Visual Guide to Road Compressive Strength


150MM stabilized COMPACTED LAYER

Supports vehicles up to 40 tons


Ideal for pathways and sidewalks


Specialty application  – vehicles up to 100 tons

The maximum load is spread over a greater area when the layer depth is increased

Existing road softens and erodes when wet and is prone to potholing resulting in dangerous driving conditions. This type of road is never safe and requires constant maintenance. 

Existing Rutted Soil Road

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\spain 1.JPG

Lleida, Spain


Existing surface is ripped to the required depth (100mm, 150mm, 250mm depending on ton load required) with care being taken not to dig too deep as this could result in an uneven layer strength after stabilising.

An alternative option is to use a meri-crusher that breaks up soil and rocks up to a depth of 300mm in a single pass. 

Ripping/Breaking up Surface

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\spain 2.JPGD:\100_0333.jpg


Lleida, Spain


Excellent and readily available, an Offset Disc Harrow used to break down the soil to produce a well grade mix.

Breaking down Soil to Colloid Particles

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\spain 3.JPG


Lleida, Spain


4000 litre constant pressure bowser dispersing water/polymer solution. Speed of vehicle regulated to disperse mixture evenly across the width of the road. It is important to calculate the area that each bowser load will treat as this will enable the mixing process to be implemented immediately. It also ensures that the surface will not dry out too fast between the mixing and compaction phases.

Spraying Aggrebind©:H2O solution

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\DSC03125.JPG

Lleida, Spain


Or, disperse Aggrebind©:H2O solution manually


C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\water for mixing.pngC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\mix-11.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\mix-2.pngC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\watering-2.pngC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\watering-1.pngAggreBind_Square.png

Mixing in Polymer Solution to Soil

Offset Disc Harrow or alternatively Power Harrow, should be used immediately to mix the polymer/water thoroughly into the treated soilA road grader can also be used for this process.

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\DSC03166.JPG

Lleida, Spain


Grading/Profiling Road

A road grader is used prior to, and during, the compaction process to create the correct road profile.

This is vital to prevent rainwater from constantly lying on the finished road surface as this is the main cause of potholes. 

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\DSC03136.JPG

Lleida, Spain

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\grader.png



Vibro Compaction of Road

Vibration Compaction single drum smooth roller with rubber tractor tires which has to be driven backwards to remove tire indentations on the finished road surface.

A smooth drum dual tandem vibro roller is preferred. 

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\DSC03133.JPG

Lleida, Spain


Final Surface Sealing with Aggrebind©:H2O

Surface sealed with a single pass of the bowser. It is important that vehicles do not drive on the surface during the sealing process. The surface is rolled again, with NO vibration, when the surface is sufficiently dry that it does not stick to the roller drum 

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\DSC03125.JPG

Use bowser or apply manually

Lleida, Spain


Surface Spraying Sparge Pipe & Paddle Nozzle

Less solution volume velocity as lower to ground which is good for sloping roads, but may require two passes


Completed Sealed & Water Resistant Road

The Completed Sealed Road, natural in colour, stable and water resistant. New road open and carrying traffic 1 – 2 hours after being sealed. 

C:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\DSC03168.JPG

Lleida, Spain


Black Sealed & Water Resistant Road


With unique patent pending technology

Aggrebind is now available in black

Tabbare, Haiti hand-sample of AGB black


C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Picture1b.jpg

Illustrative purposes.

You can paint Aggrebind© sealed roads for safer nighttime driving.

With Aggrebind’s patent pending technology, roads tests in black are underway in Haiti, Nigeria, Togo other countries.

Available exclusively from Aggrebind©

7C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Tarakan\0.jpg


colors are available


200 mm Soil/Stone Base layer stabilized and sealed

Bitumen/stone Slurry – Mix applied as a wearing surface.

All standard wearing surfaces

will bond to an Aggrebind© stabilized base.

Bitumen Stone Topped stabilized Soil

Power Station, Eastern Tranvaal, South Africa


Aggrebind© stabilized base

Aggrebind©  top seal extended onto the road shoulder to deflect surface water from penetrating the road edge

Road Shoulder Polymer Sealed

Power Station, Eastern Tranvaal, South Africa


Alternate method for drainage ditches

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\DRAINAGE CHANNELS.jpg

Road bed

Solid steel bars are laid into the shoulder of the road

Bars are compacted to level with the road.

The indentation of the compacted bars creates a drainage ditch when removed.

Use long bars for straight sections and  shorter bars for making curves.

Seal the road surface and drainage ditch with Aggrebind©:H2O solution.

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\compactor.pngOval Callout: Creates  drainage  ditchAggreBind_Square.png

Some installations & trials of roads & blocks

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\afghanistan.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\bagdad.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\balikpapan.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\botswana.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\chaclacayo.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\congo b.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\jacmel.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\lleida.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\malta.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\odessa.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\owerri.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\port au prince.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\rustenberg sa.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\sarawak malaysia.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\google images\togo.jpg
















“I am not aware of another water based polymer that has the ability to seal cementitious and natural stone surfaces AND provide flexibility to mortars, grouts and underlayments, while ALSO having the ability to bond granular materials into hardened, modular building units.” 

Prof. Mark McKinney, MArch, Illinois Registered Architect, Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology.


Botswana Mine installation


Fully loaded 80+ ton dump trucks on 30 degree incline working 24/7

Surface sealing a parking area, used by large mine trucks

Orapa Diamond Mine

The Orapa diamond mine (Location -21.283, 25.367) is the world’s largest diamond mine. The mine is located in Orapa, Boteti Sub-District of Botswana.  Orapa owned by Debswana, a partnership between the De Beers company and the government of Botswana.

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Orapa google.jpgAggreBind_Square.png

C:\Users\don\Documents\Ukraine\ukraine trial.bmp

Ukraine installation

Road building technology for access route to “СПТ” factory , a plant of the Іnfox LLC.

This is one of eight sections of Aggrebind © prepared roads in Odessa, Ukraine.  These roads were tested and approved by DerzhdorNDI, Ukraine, Group Member, Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories in 2009.

The drive length comes to approximately 2 km. The width of the traffic area totals 4-6 m. The roadway surfacing includes cement-concrete slabs with different dimensions (rectangles with their sides of 1-3 m), and a thickness of 10-12 cm.

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Ukraine trial specification-2.jpg

Aggrebind© stabilized base with concrete top slab road.

Odessa, Ukraine

СПТ factory



Aggrebind Stabilized base

Spain & South Africa installations

Lleida Spain

Road through a game preserver in South Africa

AggreBind_Square.pngC:\SB install photos\install pho (F)\fotos_selva_del_camp_2004\spain 1.JPG

Before / Rutted road

After / Safe road

Future Housing Development in Highlands of Peru

Private Access entry road to new housing development that will include houses, made from bricks, using locally available soils and roads stabilized with Aggrebind©

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Peru Mountain Road\DSC04841-2.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Peru Mountain Road\DSC04849-2.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Peru Mountain Road\DSC04851-2.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\Peru Mountain Road\DSC04841-3.jpg




No dust!

Construction Timeframe

Roll &


Add polymer mix and vibro





Down Arrow: Rutted Muddy Dusty Dirt RoadDown Arrow: stabilized Soil Sealed Water Resistant Surface

225-300 sq m/hr


Post Application Consideration




  •   Whilst surface/upper crust will dry, below
  •     surface may not have cured, but drivable in 1-2 hours
  •   Optimum results achieved where non trafficked for
  •     12 hours (over night)
  •   Tire track paths
  •   Heavy braking areas
  •   Corners/turning areas
  •   Natural surface wear
  •    Recommended Inspection and resealing to areas of
  •     heavy wear. The polymers have a bond-back capability
  •     that ensures the integrity of the road is maintained.

When no wearing surface is applied


C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\blue paver.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\Blue sample.jpg

Aggrebind© Blue Block/Paver Sample

  • This sample is 100% desert sand, light in color.
  • The Aggrebind ©  Color completely permeates the paver.
  • An Aggrebind ©  blue top seal was applied, to seal and
  •   give higher color density.
  •  Note: Factory supplied Aggrebind ©  Color has color density to top seal and tone naturally light soils.  For darker soils, red soils and highly absorbent soils more colorant is typically required.  Site testing for color density is highly recommended.


Aggrebind© Blocks, Bricks and Pavers

  • With Aggrebind© and the most basic of material specifications:
    •   All sub-soils with a +/- 35% fines content,  material passing through a 0.063 sieve.
    •   No stone larger than the 20% on the minimum layer depth being treated.
    •   No organic material.  Any contaminated to be fully analyzed prior to use.
    •   Manufacture bricks, blocks, pavers and roads from on-site soils and waste materials


Sand & fly-ash

limestone waste

Hand compacted stabilized in-fill

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\5.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_AGB_Mortar.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Indonesia & Malaysia\Indonesia\Blocks\2.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Indonesia & Malaysia\Indonesia\Blocks\3.jpg




Aggrebind’s patent pending technology

water-resistant and colored blocks, bricks and pavers from almost any in situ materials

“Buildings made from earth materials can be a way towards sustainable management of the earth’s resources. They can be put in place using simple machinery and human energy.”

Sadek Deboucha and Roslan Hashim , Dept. of Civil Engineering, Univ. of Malaya

100_0690100_0688IMG_0360finished blocks 2

Mechanically compacted blocks and hand-compacted blocks

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_MultiTask.jpg

Attributes of Aggrebind© prepared blocks


Approved for vertical / house construction

PERU Ministerio de Vivienda Constuccion y Saneamiento, Servicio Nacional de Capacitacion para la Industri de la Construccion, SENCICO  for hand-compacted blocks and mechanically compacted blocks.

Peru Test Hand-compacted-1Peru Test Mechanically compacted_Page_1-1Peru Test Mechanically compacted_Page_2-1

Hand-compacted blocks using Aggrebind© and local soils with little or no clay content compression achieved strengths of 11 daN to 20 daN. See above.

Mechanically compacted blocks using Aggrebind© and local soils with little or no clay content compression achieved strengths of 17 daN to 22 daN.


Block & brick housing can be simple, basic and in color – done manually or mechanically.

“Earth as a building material is available everywhere and exists in many different compositions. It is most efficiently used in developing and developed countries to house the greatest number of people with the least demand.  Masonry is one of the most popular materials in many countries for construction of houses due to its useful properties such as durability, relatively low cost, wider availability, good sound and heat insulation, acceptable fire resistance, adequate resistance to weathering and attractive appearance” (Jayasinghe and Mallawarachchi, 2009).

AggreBind_Square.pngC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\house\brown.png


Block & brick housing can be simple, basic and in color – done manually or mechanically.

“Recently, the technology of traditional earth construction has undergone considerable

developments that have enhanced earth’s durability and quality as a construction material for low-cost buildings” (Adam and Agib, 2001).

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\house\green.png

Aggrebind© does not need cement or concrete

Saves money!!!


Using Aggrebind © instead of cement/concrete saves money!

Saving greater than 50% in Africa, 38% in India

 and equally significant savings elsewhere

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\house\yellow.png


Block & brick housing can be simple, basic and in color – done manually or mechanically.

Aggrebind© is committed to creating financially viable, environmentally 

friendly solutions, related to current manufacturing processes,

and products, used in the construction industry.

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\house\house.png


Block & brick housing can be simple, basic and in color – done manually or mechanically.

With Aggrebind© you can produce earthen (rammed earth) blocks for the 21st century.

Blocks that are strong, safe, available on site, stylish, contemporary and affordable.

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\AGB ppt misc\house\blue.png

Applications as creative as your imagination

Environmentally friendly, water based, textured, decorative, durable surface treatments

Text Box: Bonds a wide variety of materials to virtually any surface Available in clear and a wide range of other colours to provide additional design options Improves load bearing capacity of virtually all soils, sands and small aggregates for many uses Re-surfacing of existing driveways and pathways. Decorative and architectural features. Exterior and interior wall treatments. Surface sealing. Manufacture of load bearing bricks and pavers. Stabilising of pathways and roads. Lining of ponds, golf course bunkers and more....

White Gravelchampangepurple sandBurgundy Sandlilac Gravellight blue sandImperial coloured sand - blue{short description of image}Gold Sandsilver SandBrown sandBlack Sand{short description of image}YellowAggreBind_Square.png

Decorative surface, protection, value added

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_Sands.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_TerraArena.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_TerraAzul.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_TerraBlanca.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_TerraMarron.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\Artfx_WaterBead.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\AGB_UKSampleA1.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Dropbox\Aggrebind\Mark McKinney\Photos\AGB_UKSampleB2.jpgAggreBind_Square.png


Agricultural Solutions


  • PROBLEMS of airborne dust:
  • Reduced crop yields
  • Increased maintenance costs on farm equipment
  • Increased cost of transporting products to market
  • Spread of infections to plants, animals and humans
  • SOLUTIONS with Aggrebind©:
  • Dust control
  • Increases in crop yields
  • Reductions in crop contamination
  • Lining of drainage channels to divert water
  •     to assist in irrigation
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Easier, quicker and safer road access, by
  •   providing stabilized roads from on-site soils.
  • Is harmless to humans, animals and the
  •   environment and Aggrebind© treated soil
  •   can be used again for growing crops.
  • Provides a healthier environment for farm
  •   workers and their families
  • Reduces the loss of soil in the rainy season
  •   and reduces the transmission of soil into
  •   rivers and dams.


Bridleways – Animal Tracks – Yards – Equestrian Centres

Main Application Procedures

Rake, scarify, surface spray, roll and seal.

Stabilise soil layer and surface seal.

Stone chippings can be incorporated into the top surface prior to final sealing to provide a more durable wear surface and with increased grip.

Aggrebind© products and solutions uphold and conform to the principles of Environmental, Agricultural, and Horticultural Government Agencies Internationally.

 THIS        or        THIS!

C:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\3.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\horse trail-1.jpgC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\horse trail.jpg

Newmarket Jockey Club

Newmarket, UK


Golf course solutions


Seal the base

Install a 4mm to dust aggregate layer

Compact to a level surface

Apply  Aggrebind© surface

Final stabilized path




Rural Road pothole repairs

maintenance and job creation

  • Bike Bakki or Three-wheeler
  • for rural road pothole repairs
  • plus dust and erosion control services.
  •     Equipment needed:
        • Pick
        • Shovel
        • Watering Can
        • Hand Tamper
        • Road repair signs
        • 50 ltrs Aggrebind©
        • 150 ltrs water for mixing

BETFile:1957 Daihatsu Midget 01.jpgAggreBind_Square.png

Basic Questions & Answers

Will an Aggrebind© stabilized road base last as long as a traditional road base?

Can it be a 100% Aggrebind © road?

Is there a guaranty?

How much faster can an Aggrebind©  road be constructed compared to traditional methods?

How much more road can be constructed than a traditional road for the same cost?

Can the polymer go back to a liquid after curing?

 How long will the polymer last?

YES, with a suitable wearing surface, either with Aggrebind© or other suitable material.

YES, with an Aggrebind©  top seal, with or without color.

Yes, 10 years when properly used.

+/-  100 times faster.

3 to 5 times more road  taking an overview of all the factors.

No, it is physically and chemically irreversible.

Fully exposed to UV +/-12 years.

When not exposed 25+ years.


Technical information & Guaranty available upon request.

Mr. Don Hawkridge – M.D

Constructive Innovations Ltd, Barton Blount, Church Broughton, Derbyshire, UK

Tel: +44 1285 585177


Mr. Robert D.  Friedman – President

Safety Tek, Inc.,

New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Tel: +1 203 785 1808


AggreBind.pngC:\Users\Robert D. Friedman\Desktop\uk flag.jpg

Environmentally friendly cross linked styrene acrylic water based polymers.

For Road Construction, Manufacture of Blocks, Bricks, Paver & more…


More information on soil stabilization AggreBind, click on the links below: