Assessment and Application Guidelines

Road preliminaries: Assessment and Application Guidelines for Soil Stabilization


Geology: Topography: Seasonal temperatures: Water levels, gradients and drainage, all seasons. If the area is subjected to earthquakes, landslides etc.


Sub-base is stable and not subjected to flooding or subsidence. Check the strength of the sub-base with a penetrometer or other standard soil density evaluation equipment.

Adequate and functional drainage.

No stone larger than 20% of the layer depth in the soil to be stabilized.

No tree roots in the sub-base.


Obtain a sieve analysis of the soil to be stabilized, ensuring a fines content of +-35%. Modify if necessary by adding additional aggregate  or fines.



Availability of on-site water: Spraying equipment: Road Grader: Smooth drum Vibration road compactor: Rock crusher/ripping equipment if large stones are to be re-used or removed.


AggreBind soil stabilizer is water based product and should not be installed if freezing conditions are projected in the 48 hours after installation.

AggreBind should be stored under cover and protected from frost damage prior to it being installed.

Spaying equipment should be cleaned immediately after installation to prevent blockages.

Soil Stabilized layer depth:

Maximum 10 tonne load: 100 mm deep

Maximum 40 tonne load: 150 mm deep

Maximum 80 tonne load: 250mm deep


(30-35% fines) 3 to 4 ltrs per cubic mtr subject to gradients.
(40-45% fines) 5 ltrs per cubic mtr.


                  O.25 TO 0.5 ltrs per sq mtr of surface area subject to road use and gradients.


It is important that every road is graded to remove any surplus water. It is also recommended that the surface seal be extended being the edge of the road as this significantly reduces the possibility of damage by water penetrating the base and sub-base layers.


All wearing surfacing materials will bond to an AggreBind stabilized base layer


AggreBind will bond 2 to 4 mm decorative aggregates to virtually any surface. Dosage rate will be +- 0.5 ltrs AggreBind per sq mtr.

AggreBind can be colored with water based colorants to produce  decorative surfaces. Sharp sand can, if required, be added to the mixture to provide a non-slip surface.


AggreBind is supplied in 205 ltr drums or 25 ltr containers.
40 X 205 ltrs in a 20 foot shipping container.
80 X 205 ltrs in a 40 foot shipping container.
AggreBind is classified as a NON-HAZARDOUS PRODUCT.

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