AggreBind test protocol is based on test procedures defined by the US Army Corp of Engineers research and development centre.

Laboratory Test Procedures for AggreBind stabilized soils.

Testing AggreBind is very different than testing cement.  You must follow these instructions!

Preparation of samples:

  • Standard sieve analysis.
  • Determine the Optimum
    Moisture Content (OMC) by measurement or by hand-feel.
  • Soil classification.
  • Remove any organic matter.
  • Grading: no stone larger than 20% of the layer depth being stabilised.
  • Dilute AggreBind:H2O at 1:4 ratio.
  • Add the AggreBind:H2O to soil to get the OMC and mix this thoroughly.
  • Compact in a standard cylindrical mold and extrude after compaction.
  • Make 3 samples.
  • Place the extruded samples on a surface and allow samples to cure for 28 days.
  • Sample hardens and cures by air drying.
  • Do not wrap the samples. 
  • Do not wet the samples.
  • Keep away from all moisture.
Soil stabilization AggreBind
  • After 26 days seal the surface of the samples, applied by brush, with a mixture of 1 part AggreBind mixed with 3 parts water and allow 24 hours to air cure.
  • OK to test on day 28, not before.

Tests to be performed:

  • Carry out an Unconfined Compressive Strength test (UCS). DRY TEST.
  • Place another stabilized sample in a shallow tray containing 12ml depth of water for 3 minutes. Note the amount of soil that is displaced.
  • Carry out a UCS test on this sample.

Soil Stabilization Tests to be performed:

Tests to be performed based on testing protocol written by the US Army Corp. of engineers at their engineering, research and development center (ERDC).

REMEMBER: All samples must be surface sealed with a mixture of 1 part AggreBind mixed with 3 parts 24 hours before any water uptake test.

Preparation of Samples for Testing

Unconfined compressive strength testSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Water uptake test
Soil stabilization testing AggreBind

Drain sample from aboveSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Compressive strength testSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Soil PreparationSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Adding AggreBind & Water to OMCSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Mixing Soil with the AggreBind & WaterSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Sample MoldingSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Proctor MoldSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Compacting sampleSoil stabilization testing AggreBind

Samples Curing for 28 Days – DO NOT TOUCH / KEEP DRYSoil stabilization testing AggreBindIf there is anything you do not understand contact AggreBind immediately.

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control

AggreBind Soil Stabilization ‘Practical and Non-Scientific Field or Bench Test’ prior to actual installation

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control

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