Construction Materials Evaluation

AggreBind Roads and Block manufacturing Perception.  Most engineers are comfortable with standard material and do not want to change from conventional methods. Do trial road and/or sample blocks.   For roads, order AggreBind in black, as this will visually resembles asphalt.
Concrete Roads Multiple sub-base Stabilize the on-site soil with AggreBind
layers to improve their bearing capacity. This
will reduce the concrete depth required
resulting in significant savings in costs
and time
Cement Roads and Block Not environmentally AggreBind can be diluted with virtually any
manufacturing friendly and requires type of water and will significantly improve
a strict specification the bearing capacity of all soils.
for materials to be It is environmentally safe and requires only
effective basic skills, and equipment, to produce cost
effective results.
Bitumen Roads Not environmentally AggreBind can retain the soils natural color
Repair of potholes friendly and difficult and can if required be colored to meet the
to use. Cannot retain clients requirements.
a soils natural color.
Asphalt Roads Can be used as a wearing surface on any
Repair of potholes AggreBind stabilized soil layer if required.
Contaminated Road and Block Serious environmental AggreBind can encapsulate contaminated
Waste/soils manufacturing problem. materials in a flexible impenetrable coating
that locks in the contamination making the
soils/waste materials reusable
Contaminated Road and Block Serious environmental Can be used on-site to dilute AggreBind
Water manufacturing problem
Lime Soil stabilizing Only effective in AggreBind will stabilize and improve the
certain soil types. bearing capacity of all soils
Difficult to apply in
windy conditions.

Construction Materials Evaluation

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust controller can be used with all standard construction equipment.

Repairs to AggreBind roads are easy and can be implemented by local communities using only hand tools.

AggreBind soil stabilizer has a bond-back capability that ensures that any repairs do not result in variable strengths.

AggreBind soil stabilizer can if required be colored for surface applications.

AggreBind stabilized soil is completely harmless to plants, animals and humans.

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