Perguntas Frequentes: Blocos de Terra Compactada (SRE) estabilizados com AggreBind

Frequently Asked Questions on AggreBind stabilized Rammed Earth (SRE) blocks.

What are AggreBind stabilized Rammed Earth (SRE) walls made of?
SRE Wall blocks are manufactured from a wide range of natural soils, sands, and a wide range of mine waste and other materials.

What colour are they?
AggreBind wall blocks can be produced in a wide range of different colors.

Where does the material come from?
The materials are generally sourced within the area of the housing development.

How thick are AggreBind Rammed Earth walls?
AggreBind blocks can be produced in any size to meet the housing design requirements.

What does a load bearing AggreBind Rammed Earth wall mean for construction?
Load bearing rammed earth walls can support roof structures. This eliminates the need for structural timber or metal posts, and reduces the building time and cost.

What happens with plumbing and electrical wiring?
All plumbing & electrical points are positioned internally as the wall is constructed.

Exemplos de Terra compactada

AggreBInd for rammed brick housing

How are the walls finished?
Internal and external walls can be sealed with AggreBind or rendered with an AggreBind slurry in any color or texture.

Tell me about maintenance?
Any damaged areas can be easily repaired as AggreBind has a bond-back capability.

How can I fix shelves and hang pictures etc.
Shelving can easily be fixed to rammed earth walls with masonry wall fasteners. Pictures can be hung using a nail, wherever your heart desires, as you do not have to find that elusive wall stud to hammer your nail into.

Are AggreBind Rammed Earth houses suited to a modern décor?
Yes! AggreBind walls compliment any décor from traditional to modern design.

Why are AggreBind Rammed Earth homes so energy efficient?
The high thermal mass of the walls enables them to naturally store energy (warm or cool) creating a stable internal temperature for the dwelling.

My property is in a high fire risk area. How does Rammed Earth compare with other materials?
AggreBind walls are non-combustible and have a high fire rating (4 hours) making them extremely suitable for dwelling in high fire risk areas.

Compared with other forms of construction, how does the cost of wall construction compare?
AggreBind walls are comparable. Due to the energy efficiency of the dwelling, your energy usage is reduced, saving you money every year for the lifetime of your home.

What about the roof?
All roofing systems can be installed.

Will rain damage the walls?
Rain will not damage AggreBind rammed earth walls. If however the area is subject to surface flooding or standing water then the bottom three rows of bricks should be surface sealed with AggreBind.

Do I need special permits for stabilized rammed earth?
No, standard council planning and building permits apply. If purchasing land, ensure that there are no caveats attached to the title restricting the construction of a rammed earth dwelling.

How long will my house last?
Rammed earth buildings date back 6000 years and the AggreBind technology has improved the technology.

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