Análise de Projeto AggreBind

AggreBind Project Analysis: For most of the below listed installations contact details are not supplied.  There are confidentiality agreements in place with distributors and mandates of privacy with end-users, some being elected high officials and members of royalty.  Further, for the projects and installations in Africa, regimes, tribal leaders, mayors, names of municipalities, etc., have changed numerous times over the past 2 decades.

AggreBind is/was mainly sold through distributors, hence we do not know the end-users details.

AggreBind Project Analysis

Country Location Year Project AGB Ltrs AGB Ltrs Comments
Stabilizing Topseal Note that the normal range is 3 – 4 ltrs per cub mtr
per cub mtr per sq mtr 5 ltrs per cub mtr is because of extreme weights to 100+ tonne
South Africa Rustenberg 1996 Road 5 0.3 2 km X 7 mtr wide X 150mm deep main road to a coal fired power
station serviced by 100+ heavy trucks running non-stop every day.
On site material was non-cohesive sand based with some angular stone.
After final compaction a bitumen/Aggregate wearing surface was
applied. This was then sealed with black AGB and the spraying was
extended onto the shoulders of the road to deflect surface water away
from the vulnerable edge of the road.
A cost analysis revealed a saving of 45% over traditional road building
Hazyview 1996 Road 4 0.25 4klm X 5 mtr main access road to a hotel and game reserve.
Client requested a durable road that would be suitable for 4X4 vehicles
that was natural in appearance and environmentally friendly.
The site involved some steep inclines that were subjected to serious
erosion during the summer rainstorms.
A soil/sand 150mm deep layer was stabilised and the surface was
sealed with clear AGB to retain the soils natural color.
Johannesburg 1996 Mine Dumps 0.20 Surface spraying of Gold waste mine dumps to prevent the dust becoming
airborne and also to prevent it from leaching into ground water.
Durban 1996 Car Parks 4 0.25 Stabilizing and surface sealing Berea Red fine soil.
Country Location Year Project AGB Ltrs AGB Ltrs                                                       Comments
Stabilizing Topseal Dosage rates need to be assessed on many factors;
per cub mtr per sq mtr the two most critical are fines content and weight of vehicles
Durban 1996 Road 3 0.25 Stabilizing and surface sealing steep township roads in Nshongweni
township. 3klm X 5 mtrs X 150mm deep.
Ivory Coast 2006 Roads 4 0.25 4klm X 4 mtrs private plantation road used for access and harvesting of
crops by 20 ton vehicles. Crushed nutshells were used as aggregate as no
stone was available at the site.
Botswana Orapa 1995 Roads 5 0.20 Soil Stabilizing and surface sealing roads, ramps and parking areas used by
fully loaded 80+ tonne dump trucks.
Loading ramp 6 0.20 The ramp was 30 degrees and the dump trucks went up the ramp, turned
around to deposit their load into the crushing machine, and then came down
the ramp to go and collect another load.  This was a 24/7 operation.
No maintenance was required during the first 4 years despite the fact
that no wearing surface was installed.  They had previously used concrete
that had failed within 2 years.
The reason for using a higher dosage rate, ON THE RAMP ONLY, was because of
incline and the continuous use by 80 tonne dump trucks.  The mine runs
continually and the wanted to reduce road maintenance to a minimum.
The additional dosage added 150mm of AggreBind per sq mtr x 150mm deep.
2011 Pending Access road and development within game reserve.
Lobatse 1995 Roads 4 0.20 Main access road to a busy township with no wearing surface.
The 2 km x 7 mtr wide road was inspected in 2007 and was still in good
Maldives 2007 Trial 3 0.20 Laboratory trials with AGB/ sea sand/dead sea coral were carried out to
establish if a structural brick could be formed using locally available
materials. The results were excellent.
Country Location Year Project AGB Ltrs AGB Ltrs                                                       Comments
Stabilizing Topseal
per cub mtr per sq mtr
United Kingdom 2008/10 Various 3 0.20 A number of private roads, horse walking trails, pathways, dust control,
decorative surface treatments and lay-buys  have been installed.
England is vigorously controlled by the cement and bitumen industries
and the regulated specifications for all major road works is specifically
designed around granular (non-stabilized) base layers.
We are slowly making progress based on the significant cost savings,
and the re-use of waste materials, that are available by using AggreBind.
Ukraine Odessa 2009 Roads 4 0.20 A trial road was installed in an area that is subjected to flooding. It
passed all the strength requirements for inclusion in the list of
products that can tender for major road contracts. Major order is pending.
Romania 2007 Roads 3 0.20 A 500 sq mtr trial road passed all regulatory requirements but there is
currently a shortage of available funds.
Spain Private Estate 2007/8 Roads 3 0.20 5klm X 5mtr Country estate roads that were prepared specifically for a visit by
the Spanish Royal Family. Great care was taken to ensure that the road color
was consistent and that the unsurfaced road was suitable for horse drawn
Co-operative 2004 Roads 2.5 0.20 1000mtrs X 3.5 mtrs X 150mm deep farm roads used by all farm equipment and
10 tonne trucks. This road is recessed and becomes a river during the rainy
season. After 3 years, with no maintenance, the site was inspected and was in
excellent condition.
Iran Tehran 2008 Presentation A trial area was installed for evaluation and testing.
Have recently received an enquiry for dust control.
Iraq 2011 Roads Trials are at an advanced stage for major road contracts and for the manufacture
Bricks of bricks/blocks using AGB.
Country Location Year Project AGB Ltrs AGB Ltrs                                                       Comments
Stabilizing Topseal
per cub mtr per sq mtr
Guatemala 2011 Bricks Trials have just commenced for the production of bricks/blocks using AGB
Peru 2012 Bricks Trials are current being carried out for the manufacture of blocks for Adobe
Roads housing projects in Peru
Quotations are being prepared for a 10klm AGB stabilised mountain road in a
remote area affected by siesmic activity.
Afghanistan 2007 Runway A military runway was stabilised with AGB to contain dust and prevent e
erosion. They were highly impressed with the results.
Colombia Bricks/Roads Negotiations in progress
India Bricks/Roads Negotiations in progress – four strategic alliances underway
Indonesia Bricks/Roads Testing underway
Malaysia Bricks/Roads Testing underway
Tanzania Bricks/Roads Negotiations in progress
Malta Blocks Block trials in progress
Brazil Bricks/Roads Negotiations in progress
USA Connecticut Pavements Testing to be done – currently writing protocol for sidewalk repair
Connecticut Grouting Connecticut Department of Corrections
Fracking Seeking partner for remediating fracking waste
Swaziland Roads Negotiations in progress
Pending Up market development adjacent to animal reserve.
Haiti Bricks/Roads Negotiations in progress – reconstituting rubble into bricks for housing
Clinton Bush Foundation awaiting proposal
Peter Island Roads Negotiations in progress
UAE Bricks/Roads Negotiations in progress
AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control

Container Storage Lot- Soil Stabilization – AggreBind Reply to Tech questions

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