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    AggreBind is a unique, environmentally friendly, cross-linking polymer, water based, styrene acrylic polymer with proprietary tracers. AggreBind used for stabilized soil and dust control and is available in a wide range of colors to produce roads from in-situ materials and for the manufacturing of blocks, bricks and pavers, for buildings and homes without using any cement.

    Stabilized soil with AggreBind is not harmful to the environment. AggreBind stabilized soil is obtained through the process of ‘AggreBinding’  which is coating the particulates of the mass, compacting them (roads) or compressing them (blocks) together so that the coated particulates come in direct contact with each other. This begins the process known as ‘cross-linking polymers’ where the mass solidifies, blocks together, and forms a hydrophobic mass that is water-resistant, has great tensile strength and can withstand major variations in temperature, perfect to be used as a soil stabilizer and dust control.