Centros Hípicos, Caminhos para Cavalos, Rastros de Animais

Equestrian Centres, Bridleways, Animal tracks using AggreBind

Equestrian Centres, Bridleways, Animal tracks

The introduction of AggreBind to Equestrian Centres, an environmentally friendly, water based, flexible cross linking styrene acrylic polymer has produced some interesting alternative design options for multi use structural pathways. Long term durability, low maintenance and sustainability are some of the key objectives.

Wherever possible in-situ materials are used and these can include, sub-soils, crushed mine and construction waste materials, even certain contaminated materials. Recent successful independent laboratory testing results on encapsulating oil contaminated materials are most encouraging.

Basic design requirements are 35% of fines passing through a 200 sieve and no stone larger than 20% of the layer depth being stabilized.

The depth and surface specification for the layer to be stabilized are based on a soil/material sieve analysis, sub-base evaluation, maximum load weight, surface texture and durability.

For loads up to 40 tonnes a layer depth of 150mm is normally recommended.

The surface texture and durability are evaluated for Equestrian Centres and designed to provide grip and a secure foothold for animals, and a non-slip surface for cycles.

Surfaces should always be graded and sealed with AggreBind for drainage.

If any other installations like telephone cables, water pipes or drainage services need to be installed below the AggreBind stabilized layer then their location can be indicated by using one of AggreBinds five different available colors. This saves time and costs when below ground problems occur.

As marcações de superfície também podem ser aplicadas com o AggreBind. O AggreBind é completamente ecologicamente correto, econômico e fácil de instalar usando equipamentos padrão de construção de estradas. É totalmente inofensivo para todas as plantas, peixes e animais.

Equestrian Centres, Bridleways, Animal tracks using AggreBind

Typical horse walking area at Newmarket. The special sand is constantly being displaced and lost. Dust is always a problem when the sand dries. The imprints are clearly visible after the AggreBind treated sand was stabilized and compacted.

Pic 3 right: Surface after the sand has been stabilized with AggreBind. The surface had to be structurally sound with minimum sand loss, no dust, non-slip, and resilient to a hoof imprint.

AggreBind solutions uphold and conform to the principles of Environmental, Agricultural, and Horticultural Government Agencies Internationally.

More Information on AggreBind Agricultural Solutions

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