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It is projected that global population could reach over 9 billion people by 2050 and world food production would need to be increased by 70%.

Introducing Sea water Shrimp farming and Fish farming, plus the conservation of our planets diminishing supplies of fresh water, could make a significant contribution to the worlds projected food shortages.

Traditional construction methods for creating and lining the shrimp/fish ponds are  not environmentally friendly, and are too expensive for the local communities. New construction materials are being created that work with nature, not against it, and this could be a significant factor in providing a more sustainable and better future for all communities.

Environmentally friendly AggreBind can stabilize the base and sides of the containment ponds  and  then be used to provide spray on linings. AggreBind can also be used to install  access roads and for the manufacture of unfired  bricks for workshops, housing , schools etc  all from locally available on-site materials.

For fish farms that use tidal sea water all the access channels can be stabilized and sealed with AggreBind.

Communities can form co-operatives for marketing their product and for training the next generation on how to attain a sustainable future.

To provide regional and cultural  identity AggreBind is available in a wide range of different colours

Shrimp or Fish Farm Layout Suitable for man-made lake Plan:
This is based on an unstable ground that requires additional underneath support
If ground is stable, omit this Plan phase.

Shrimp farming with AggreBind
Shrimp farming with AggreBind

Depends on the depth of the water to determine weight bearing requirement.
1 liter H2O = 1kg. At 4°c, 1 m3 of H2O = 1ton.

Where a high water table exists care should be taken when emptying pond to avoid external water pressure on pond structure. A field drain pipe around the periphery of the pond and suitably drained would alleviate/ reduce pressure.

At a depth of +/- 5 mtr you stabilize the base at 10cm and the slopes at 15cm.
Follow normal protocols and use 4 ltr of AGB/m3with 0.25 ltr of AGB/m2.

Visiting a Shrimp Farm in Guatemala

Shrimp farming with AggreBind
Shrimp farming with AggreBind
Shrimp farm with AggreBind

More Information on AggreBind Agricultural Solutions

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