Formulário de avaliação pré-instalação

AggreBind new logo Pre-Installation                           Evaluation Form
1 Name and address of client:
2 Location of road or project:
3 Project distance from airport and/or hotel:
4 Dimensions of the road or project:
5 Is this a new road? If yes, submit available site survey studies and any available technical design specifications.
6 Upgrading an existing road? If yes, submit list of previous materials used and a roadhistory.
7a Soil (sieve) analysis?* Size of the particulates?
7b Soil characteristics?*  Shape of particulates.
8 What is the clay content? Plasticity report / Atterberg Limits Test?*
9 Removal of large rocks? Ability to screen material? Ability to amend material?
10 Are there borders or boundaries on the sides of road? Is it confined or unconfined? Is the road subject to spread when compacted? Are there existing drainage ditches? Will they be added?
Any concerns about high water tables below the area to be stabilized?
11 What is the history of the area?  Describe the topography, climate, seismic activity, flooding, erosion & collapse, tree roots & organic waste (must be removed), mining or oil activities, etc.
12 Weather conditions expected during the time of installation? Temperature? Humidity? Winds? 7 day weather forecast?
13 Purpose of road?
14 Maximum weight of any vehicle using the road? Types of vehicles and/or equipment?  Pivot areas for maneuvering the vehicles and / or equipment? Types of tire treads on vehicles?
15 Availability of additional stone, fines, construction waste or mine waste?
16 Availability of water at the site? If not at site, than how far in time and distance?
17 If using salt water, what is the percentage of salt?
18 Experience of the construction company doing the installation?
19 Detail the installation equipment to be used. Motor-grader, Water truck, Vibratory Compactor 10+ ton.  Specify: Models? Weight? Condition? Capacity of the water truck? Is there a separate pump for pumping the AGB into the water truck? Provide details of the spray bar. Send pictures of the equipment.
20 Size & experience of crew working the job?  Machine operators? Laborers? Supervisors?
21 Will the road or area be top-sealed with AGB?
22 Will the road or area have a wearing surface such as bitumen, chip-seal, asphalt or cement?
23 How soon must the road be opened?  (Typically, roads can be opened when the topseal is dry to the touch. The curing process can take up to 28 days on the chemical / molecular level.  This does not affect usage.)
24 Will the road remain open to traffic during the installation?
25 Include photos of the site:
* More information is available from Headquarters.
7a, 7b & 9 Ideal soil configuration is 35% fines passing through a #200 sieve (75 micron in size). No rocks or stones exceeding 20% of the depth. Avoid rounded or polished particulates typically found in river sand and beach sand.*
8 With clay there will be surface cracking after stabilizing. The clay-caused surface cracks must be filled and closed to prevent the ingress of water. Consider a wearing surface. Also consider filling with fines & topseal or make an AGB slurry.*
10 When a road is stabilized, topsealed, and cured the water will no longer penetrate the body of the road, as it did prior to stabilization. The lack of absorption increases the flow of water down or off of the road.  Without proper drainage, this flow can cause serious erosion at the sides of the road and on the top.
12 If rain is predicted do not install. If humidity is high do not install because the soil dosed with the AGB & water mix will not release its moisture & not dry.
14 This information will influence the recommended depth and density of AGB for the road or area.*
15 AGB can be used with recycled materials and waste materials.*  Local testing may be required.
17 4% salt content is the maximum salinity.  The quantity of AGB may need to be increased.
When completed, send this information with pictures and copies of all reports to: &

When completed, send this information with pictures and copies of all reports to:

Download form: Pre-Installation-Evaluation-Form.xlsx

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