Procedimentos AggreBind Avaliação de Qualidade e Quantidade

  1. A 500 gram sample of the stabilised soil will be supplied by the contractor/client directly to an independent laboratory nominated by AggreBind Inc. and accepted by all parties.  (The use of an independent laboratory complying with EU standards protects both the client and Constructive Innovations.)  Testing verifies how much polymer has been used in a specific area.
  2. This sample will be labelled with the date, time and location where it was extracted before being placed in a waterproof, and preferably, airtight container.
  3. The independent laboratory will test the sample in accordance with procedures supplied by Constructive Innovations Ltd.
  4. The client will pay for the cost of each test that will be +/- $150.00 (USD) per test.
  5. Each test will take +/- 2 hours.
  6. The soil sample will be weighed and then subjected to a series of tests to evaluate the quantity of Aggrebind in the sample supplied.
  7. The results will be verified and documented by the laboratory and a copy will be forwarded directly to the client and to Constructive Innovations Ltd.
  8. It is important to note that soil stabilising with a liquid polymer could be subject to many variations. These could include the failure of the spraying equipment, the onset of rain during the installation process and the incorrect dilution of the polymer.
  9. Variations in the soil over a large area are also possible.
  10. It is strongly recommended that standard monitoring procedures be used to check for moisture content and for compacted layer density during the installation process

Procedures AggreBind Quality and Quantity Evaluation NOTE:

To be credible, the tests have to be undertaken by an independent laboratory, who will first test the treated soil sample supplied by the client, and will then test the batch sample of the AggreBind supplied by Constructive Innovations to the client.

Use of independent laboratories complying with EU standards is mandatory to ensure the protection of Constructive Innovations proprietary technology of “using tracers”.

Testing is typically done when standard road testing procedures reveal a problem.

Testing can also be used as a verification test of work performed; sampling every km of the length of the road.

AggreBind soil stabilization and dust control

Soil Stabilization AggreBind Field Worksheet

Download (PDF, 39KB)

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